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A college preparatory school located in Heron, Montana, the Monarch School creates a learning environment that promotes academic excellence, strong character traits, and a positive self-image. Every student at the Monarch School must lay the foundation for these goals by overcoming personal challenges and developing individualized visions for their futures. To help students with these developmental journeys, the Monarch School offers a supportive network of mentors and guidance counselors who teach students about the importance of leadership and lifelong learning.The Monarch School in Montana maintains a holistic curriculum that focuses on various aspects of college preparation. Students at the Monarch School benefit from small class sizes and individual tutoring, which helps develop the self-confidence necessary to succeed in the classroom and beyond. The Monarch School also offers an extensive vocational program that teaches students about various professions and equips them with the tools to overcome fear and to seek out learning. Younger students can take courses in subjects such as organic gardening, farm management, and the culinary arts, while older students have the opportunity to shadow or volunteer at local businesses for course credit.Aside from its academic and vocational curriculum, the Monarch School places a special emphasis on community service in the local community and beyond; Monarch School students are able to become dorm heads, library assistants, and participants in the mentoring program. Outside of school, students can engage in a wide range of activities, including serving food at the local soup kitchen, visiting senior citizens at area homes, and caring for animals at the local shelter. To learn more about the Monarch School in Heron, Montana, visit its website at