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Work experience

Aug 2012Sep 2014

Core and Clinical Clerkship


Aug 2014Sep 2014


Preceptor:  Dr. J Parikh, LaGrange Memorial Hospital, IL

Objectives of this clerkship involved rounding early in the morning with our preceptor. It presented an opportunity to see the patient, collect detail history and perform necessary physical exams. Then, Presented and discussed the findings and assessment with Dr. J Parikh.   Discussion included many topics including how to approach the assessment and plan for stroke patient or dementia patients as well. At the end of this rotation, I had a concrete understanding of the steps for management of patients with dementia, stroke, chronic headaches, MS, and chronic back pain/injury.

Jun 2014Aug 2014


Preceptor: Dr. A  Oza, Glen Oaks Hospital (Adventist system), IL

During this rotation, I had a great experience working with OR staff to familiarize myself with necessary OR procedures and protocols for pre-op and post-op patients. I also gained great knowledge on certain techniques required for IV placement and basic fundamental knowledge on various anesthetic medications and preparations.

May 2014Jun 2014


Preceptor: Dr. A  Ahmed, Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital, IL

Main objective of this clerkship was to learn the management of patients with acute MI, CAD and CHF. I had an opportunity to read patient’s laboratory markers, risk factors and EKG. I also had hands on experience during the routine CABG procedures in OR. I was also able to take advantage of the outpatient setting as well while working with Dr. Ahmed where I was able to collect patient’s history, risk factor and assessment/plan.

Feb 2014Mar 2014


Preceptors:  Dr. M Ahmed,  Dr. Rauf and Dr. S Udani, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, IL

This was one of very demanding clerkship and gained great experience in Renal care at inpatient, ICU and outpatient settings. Students had the responsibility to per-round and create an assessment/ plan for each patient. Then the findings were presented and discussed with our preceptor. Students were also required to attend outpatient clinic where they gained further knowledge on how to manage patient’s with chronic renal diseases. I was able to learn the management of patients with acute renal failure, DM-2 and other auto immune disease while on this clerkship.

Jan 2014Feb 2014


Preceptor:  Dr. M. Majmundar, LaGrange Memorial Hospital, IL 

Diagnostic imaging has become an important part of modern medicine, and I gained important experience through various procedure and techniques like mammogram, nuclear imaging, X ray, CT and MRI. Large portion of this clerkship involved reading the x-ray films and interpreting CT or MRI results and diagnosis based on the imaging.

Oct 2013Nov 2013

Infectious Disease

Precptor:  Dr. Aftab, Adventist Hinsdale Hospital, IL

There were many objectives required for this rotation. Patient interaction involved mainly on extracting the detail history including travel, social and occupational history. Main objective we focused on this clerkship was how to prevent epidemics and what steps could be taken while in endemic areas. Also there were frequent lectures given on HIV, HSV and community vs nosocomial infections. During this rotation, I was able to learn and discuss routine.

Sep 2013Oct 2013


Preceptor:  Dr. K   Yousuf, Dupage Orthopedics / Adventist Glen Oaks Hospital, IL 

This clerkship involved assessing patient to have better quality of life. I gained knowledge on use of NSAIDS (risks/benefits) and other pain management pharmaceutical drugs. Main objective of this clerkship involved management of join pain including hip and knee pain. I had hands on experience during many procedures like Total knee replacement.   Students were also responsible to read X rays and familiarize themselves with history and physical examination findings of patients.

Aug 2013Sep 2013


Preceptor: Dr. E   Flores, Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, IL

This rotation mainly involved outpatient setting. I had a pleasure working with Dr. Flores who routinely discussed the administration of various vaccines. I was able to gain experience to gather detail history and per form complete physical examination of our patients.

Apr 2013Jul 2013


Preceptor:  Dr.  M. Arain, Adventist Bolingbrook/Hinsdale Hospital, IL

This clerkship challenged students to think critically and apply all their basic science knowledge in the clinical setting. Most of the procedure involved routine general procedures. Students were responsible to gather complete history of pre op patients followed by post op rounds with our preceptors. During post op rounds, our preceptor and students were able to discuss variety of different topics including fundamental skills of suturing, certain bladder procedures and management of decubitus ulcers etc. I was also able to get hands-on experience in OR during procedures like bowel resection, cholecystectomy and abscess drainage.

Nov 2012Mar 2013

Family and Internal Medicine

Preceptor:  Dr  M. Patel and Dr  P.  Shivalingappa   Bolingbrook Healthcare Associates S.C and Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital, IL and DuPage Internal Medicine of Illinois, LLC  

Main objectives included obtaining detailed focused history and physical examination in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Typical everyday tasked involved student pre-rounding and prepare an assessment/ plan for each patient. During these clerkship, I had an opportunity to visit nursing home and assisted living facilities as outpatient setting. Students were also responsible to prepare many case based presentation throughout the rotation. These clerkship involved how to evaluate patients current risk factors and what are the steps to eliminate them. These clerkship provided a great opportunity for students to interact with the patients and also discuss diagnosis, medications and treatment plans with patients. Also gained great experience on interpreting lab results and certain routine procedures like fecal blood tests, EKG, bladder catheterization and use of sterile techniques.

Sep 2012Oct 2012


Preceptor:  Residency Program, Mt. Sinai Hospital, IL  

During this clerkship, students had an opportunity to work closely with residents. Students typically began their day by rounding on post op and post natal patients. We then get to present and discuss our findings with the residents. There were grand rounds everyday where attending lectured on routine ob/gyn procedures and management for pre natal patients.   Students also get to experience hands on training in OR for the procedures like C section and other gynecological procedures.

Aug 2012Sep 2012


Preceptor: Dr. Fisfalen, Mt. Sinai Hospital / Behavioral Science, IL

Objective of this clerkship was to establish great communication and trust with your patients. I also had an opportunity to work inpatient setting as well.   Since pharmaceutical drugs were huge part of this field, students were responsible to read articles and have basic knowledge about each drugs side effects and benefits. Establishing differential diagnosis and obtaining detailed psychiatric history and mental status examination was also key objectives of this clerkship.


Burger King

Assistant Manager

Supported the Restaurant General Manager in ensuring delivery on the Customer Promise through managing the daily operations of a single restaurant. Helped manage financial controls, operations, people development, customer service and compliance across shifts for desired restaurant outcomes (i.e., increased sales, profitability and employee retention). Worked long and/or irregular hours, including extra shifts, as needed, for proper functioning of the restaurant.



Doctor of Medicine

University of Medicine and Health Science, St. Kitts

460 W 34th Street, 12th floor, New York, NY – 10001


Bachelor of Science in Bio-chemisty/Microbiology

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL


Associate in Arts

Edison State College

Punta Gorda, Florida



Advanced Cardiac Life Support


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Organizations and Affiliations

Shadowing at Central Maine Cancer Center, Maine

Community Service

Volunteer at Laboratory for Charlotte Regional Hospital, Punta Gorda, FL