Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2012 - Present

Retail Sales Leader


Current Success in this Position:

Samsung, LG, & Sony Advocate: Received Advocate of the quarter Awards. Assisted in Product Knowledge for the store ensuring knowledge of Samsung products were up to date with every employee. Maintaining Samsung Display so that customers can clearly enjoy every benefit of the Samsung Product while in the store.

B2B: Led the store in Business To Business Sales by creating innovative ways to attract local business to out branch

RRO: (Retail Reach Out) A Platform to bring each individual branch our into major events to boost sales. I paired up with members of my team to research major events and enlist ourselves to participate in them.

Promotion To Retail Sales Leader

After spending a few months on the sales floor and creating ways for myself to sell smarter and not harder, I was able to envision a way to share these tips with my fellow employees. Learning how to lead and not adopting typical ways of management was a new challenge for me that I was eager to accept. Using leadership skills that I have learned at Woodbury University, I was able to apply this to improve myself in the work place. The store was able to raise and meet goals reflective of our quotas as well as boost employee moral. I was named Retail Sales Lead in the April of 2014.

In this position I carried many tasks such as leading my store in B2B sales and pairing up with my team members to creatine innovative ways to attract smaller business to our branch.

"Key Holder" - After 2 months of service with the company, I was fortunate enough to be promoted to a "Key - Holder" position. This position takes on more responsibilities than a new hire. Some of the added duties in this position are being responsible for  specific keys and codes for the store, being on top of opening and closing procedures, and taking initiative on sending emails to regional mangers who are not in the store while still upholding company standards, meeting an inflated quota per month, and staying consistent with original store duties. 

Jan 2010 - Aug 2011

Install & Delivery Coordinator

The Great Indoors

Position Description

This position was held in the back office of a retail environment. The Great Indoors is a company known for selling high end furniture and kitchen appliances. When a person becomes a customer of the company, they have a few options; purchasing a product or purchasing a project. In both instances it would become the duty of the Install & Delivery Coordinator to keep in constant contact with the manufacturer and distributor of each specific product, the delivery teams involved, and the customer. If the customer were to come and welcome The Great indoors into their home for a renovation project, the Install & Delivery Coordinator would also have to keep in contact with installers. The Install & Delivery Coordinator served as a liaison for the company. 

Reason For Leaving

The building in which the establishment made its sales as bought out by another competing company. All managers and employees were to be relieved of their duties in August of 2011

Dec 2007 - Dec 2009

Sales Associate

Nordstrom Rack

Position Description

Sales in this branch of the company is embodied by 100% customer service. Nothing less than perfect attention to a customers needs is considered acceptable. For a company like Nordstrom, this came with no surprise. This position is held accountable for assisting customers in their purchasing needs with precision and speed. Duties when not dealing with a customer included organizing and up keeping  the merchandise, picking up the floor, keeping track of inventory,  and answering phone calls. When with a customer, duties also included servicing the customer by answering any questioned given as well as making suggestions for certain products during the sale. The service would finish with a quick and easy checkout for the customer before the transition into the next task or client. 

Reason For Leaving

Scheduling in this branch of the company was based off a "Core Format". (A Schedule is pre-determined and given to the associates, no request can be taken into consideration). The schedule of my education clashed with the schedule of work. I resigned with the decision to pursue my education. 

Oct 2007 - Jan 2011


ALGA Development

As a receptionist in this position, it was my duty to field phone calls, assist customers in the purchasing process and schedule appointments. I was employed in this location intermittently for 4 years. The purpose of this position to me was very educational. My time spent at this position taught me how to interact with customers, network with clients, complete the selling process and organize my work habits.  


Sep 2011 - Present

Woodbury University

Woodbury University is a private school located in Burbank, CA. My decision to attend this school was simple, to obtain an education in the field of Business Management. Woodbury University is a very accomplished school and I plan to finish my undergrad career at the establishment and receive a degree in Business Management. 

Sep 2003 - Jun 2007

High School Diploma

St. Francis High School

St Francis High School is a private Catholic school located in La Canada, CA. The school is neighbored by 3 other educational institutions in all directions. Aside form education, the school offered me many opportunities to shape my personality and broaden my talents, skills, and interests. Some of the opportunities I was fortunate to take part in is as follows;

- Mission to Mexico 

     -Visiting orphanages to help feed the children

     -In collaboration with Habitats for Humanity, building homes for the less fortunate in the area

- Red Cross

     - Taking part in charity work

     - Blood drive donations

- SFHS Drumline

     - Section leader for respected instruments ( Tenor Drum/ Snare Drum)

     - Performed with the Glendale Symphony annual Christmas Concert 

     - Performed in Labor Day and Memorial Parades

- SFHS Media and Arts

     - Took part in school productions

     - A member of the Men's Chamber

- Key Club

     - Proud member of the Kiwanis 3rd Division

     - Rose Parade Float building

- Active Clubs

     - President of the Filipino Club in 2006-2007 


Activities & Associations

ALMONDS Non-Profit Organization

ALMONDS Non-Profit is an organization dedicated to giving back to the community. Based in the Los Angeles ares, Almonds mainly raises its in profit through various events from variety shows, productions, and smaller Cafe shows.

In 2010, I co-founded the organization with a friend in order to raise money for the victims that were harmed by the Tsunami of East Asia. The event we chose to create was a variety show titled "Spare The Change". This title reflects on the entire concept of Almonds by asking our peers to spare the funds as well as a change in their lifestyles. Since then, we have an an Annual show, along with other shows throughout the year, entitled "Spare The Change"


My objective as an individual is to be successful in any task and challenge that I face. In association with a company, I plan to assist in its expanding and growth in every aspect  as I grow with it. I would like to work for a company where I can improve on my skills, quality assurance, development, training.



Innovative & Creative