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Work experience

Research Associate, Informatics Officer, English Lecturer

Faculty of Mining & Geology and the University Library

  • Coordinated the EC's TEMPUS project to encourage & facilitate student & teacher exchange programmes for knowledge sharing & cultural education, primarily with the UK
  • Designed the curriculum & taught English to senior professionals, geared towards technical terminology & drafting of highly complex technical papers for journals (Medical, Engineering)
  • Taught English to Hospitality & Tourism, pre-Medical & Tech Undergraduates 
  • Translated & Interpreted during presentation & business negotiations between Shahnaz Hussein's delegation & key local & international corporate executives for a massive production plant inTuzla
  • Designed the interior of the showcase salon, incorporating Indian cultural themes into local materials

Environmental Engineer

Alpha Geo Services

  • Pollution modelling to identify plumes & trends
  • Primarily project implementation at gas stations
  • Evaluation of pollutants in soil, groundwater & water sources
  • Remedial strategy, planning & action
  • Liaison & coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), local & State partners
  • Regulatory compliance; policy; reporting

Humanitarian Affairs Officer

United Nations Mission in Somalia (UNOSOM II)

  • Emergency relief
  • Resettlement of internally displaced
  • Registered 157,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
  • Cross border operations
  • Status determination of up to 10,000 claimants as Yemenese refugees working with UNHCR
  • Close liaison & coordination with the International Military Peacekeepers for resettlement support

Assistant Manager, International Business Development

Protech India Limited

Tasking & Planning Officer

United Nations Office of the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq (UNOHCI)

  • 18 Governorates & 23 million beneficiaries
  • Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)
  • Programme Management
  • Multi-Sectoral: Water & Sanitation, Medical, Nutrition, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Education
  • Task preparation, briefing & training, deployment (up to 50 International Professional Observers)
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Tact & Diplomacy to counter the parallel Arms Inspection Operations

Programme Officer (Short Term Secondment)

United Nations Office of Iraq Programme

  • Drafted Process Review for UN Agency Performance, which was endorsed by the Secretary General & adopted as a template for all overseas operations
  • Established & managed database for sourcing, delivery & distribution of food & non-food items, as the foundation for contingency planning


Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

Mandated by the Home Office, investigated human rights, misconduct & criminal complaints against Law Enforcement Officers, including the Police Services in London & South-East and a majority of the Federal Agencies, e.g. Immigration, Border, Revenue, Intelligence Services.

  • Enhanced public confidence in the complaints system & institutions
  • Fostered guardianship through best practice & policy improvement

Consultant & Researcher

Independent Consultancy

Global Peace & Security expert (New York, London, New Delhi, Bosnia & Herzegovina & Hong Kong)

Notable projects:

  • Policy & guidelines for jump-starting the UN Police Mission to Liberia
  • HIV/AIDS education & training for South Asian communities on the US East Coast
  • Indo-Iraq Relations: Common Socio-Economic Threads - A Historical Perspective
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: UN Global Compact & Guidelines for Human Rights & Business
  • Environmental Rights? An analysis on the European Convention on Human Rights
  • UK's Budget Police: The Private Security Industry, Emerging Powers & Implications


Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Faculty of Mining & Geology


University of Portsmouth


Writing and Editing
Policies Guidelines Research Papers Process Reviews Progress Reports: Projects & Programmes Briefs, Presentations Grant Writing Creative: Copywriting, Captioning, Branding, Scripts, Fiction, Critiques, Poetry, Lyrics
Risk Assessment & Crisis Management
Fire-fighting Trouble-shooting Contingency Planning Trends Analysis Best Practice
English - Native Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian - Professional Fluency Hindi - Professional Fluency Bengali - Intermediate Level Urdu - Fluent Spanish - Basic French - Basic Arabic - Basic Italian - Basic Albanian - Basic Any Slavic Language - Intermediate  
Technology for Development
Process Improvement Time Management Results Based Budgeting Database Establishment & Management Aid Distribution & Delivery Tracking Needs Assessment Human Resources & Talent Management Capacity Building & Skills Improvement Performance Matrix & Professional Standards
Regulatory Compliance
Watchdogs Legal Framework International Mandates, Policies & Standards National Regulations & In-house Policy  Policy in Practice: Guidelines & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Reporting
Policy Development & Research
Strategic Communication
Organisational Development & Change Management
Programme & Project Management


Edo Korljan

Edo was my colleague at  the United Nations Office of the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq (UNOHCI), Baghdad.

I was the Tasking and Planning Officer in the Geographical Observation Unit, managing the Monitoring & Evaluation aspect of Programme Management. I formulated Observation Tasks, Beneficiary Satisfaction Surveys, briefed & trained up to fifty (50) International Professional Observers, collated & analysed the data, reported to Mission & HQ.

Shkendije Geci-Sherifi

Shkendije was the Deputy Team Leader at the Regional EU Office. 

As the Decentralisation Officer and ad hoc Community Affairs Advisor, I reported to her.

Furthermore, upon Shkendije's appointment as Ambassador, I worked closely with her on all aspects of strategy, planning & implementation, to establish the first diplomatic representation of to a key partner nation. My work included planning, budgeting, identification, security, procurement, logistics, of the premises, material, staffing, protocols & enhancing the Ambassador's visibility through strategic introductory speeches & functions.

Jerry P. Lanier

Jerry was the Political Advisor (POLAD) to the Commanding General, US Stabilisation Force (NATO SFOR) in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

I was the Political Advisor to the United Nations Mission in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

We worked in close partnership on various aspects of peace and stability and represented our respective organisations at the Senior Representatives' Thursday Night Dinners aimed at informal knowledge sharing, coordination & problem solving.


Senior Public Policy expert with extensive International development experience at the forefront of transforming systems, nations, institutions, societies, lives, cultures, people & paradigms.

  • Seeking opportunities in the Private or Public sector
  • Public Policy 
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reputation Management
  • Strategic Communication



Technology in Development

Creative Writing

Dance: Choreography & Performance


Exhibits Manager

New Scotland Yard, London

Family Liaison Manager

Crime Academy, New Scotland Yard


UK Home Office