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I am a student at San Diego State University, I am studying to be a classics major. I 



San Diego State University

Classics Major


Sep 20122016

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

GPA: 4.2

Class Rank: 40

Extra-Curricular activities

I was on the Junior Varsity soccer my freshman and sophomore years of high school.  I was selected as the team captain and was respected by my teammates.

I dive for Valhalla High School for three years and will be diving again next year.  My freshman year  I was on Junior Varsity and was given the Diver of the Year Award and my Sophomore and Junior year was on Varsity.

I have been part of the Pink Ribbon Club for three years and was the treasurer my Junior year. Pink Ribbon Club provides support for cancer awareness ( mainly breast cancer), we fundraise through our school to raise money to buy material so we can make care packages, baskets, and blankets for victims of cancer. 

I have participated in our schools Unity Day which provides help and comfort for the sophomore  class so they can be in a more safe and secure environment at school among peers that will help each other.

In our yearbook class, we were given the opportunity to take a leadership workshop at Disney Land. During this leadership experience we discussed the key characteristics of a successful well respected leader as well as digging deeper it to how we knew ourselves.

I won 2nd and 3rd prize for my photo entries in the Del Mar fair.

Interests and Community Service

Although I am not currently involved with soccer, I have played for 10 years and enjoyed the relationships I made with every girl on each team, some of whom I'm still very close to now. In addition I have helped my sisters soccer team and have hopefully impacted their lives in a positive way hoping that I have been a good role model for them.

Im also extremely passionate and proud of my Catholic faith.I have been raised a Catholic my entire life and am very connected with my parish.  I have often volunteered for Santa Sophia's Vacation Bible School  ( a summer camp). I have been confirmed and readily participated in many of Saint Luke's volunteer activities. Our annual confirmation retreat has been one of my favorite events that I have attended over the years. I have attended twice as a retreatant and so far once as a Leader (hopefully more). During my last retreat I went on,  my partner and I helped lead our small group in strengthening their faith to the lord through prayer and the acts they do in their day to day lives.