Molly Majors

Molly Majors

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2008 - Present

barn help

Purdom Land and Livestock

My mother is the ranch caretaker for Dr. Kenneth Purdom of Whittier, California. He has a horse farm here in emmett consisting of 27 head of well bred horses. Included in those horses are four Stallions, 3 geldings and the rest are broodmares. Seven mares were bred by my mother and me last summer to our buckskin stallion Slide on Bartender (Two ID Bartender).  The other two mares were A.I.  (one to Paddy's Irish Whiskey and the other to Playboys Buck Fever) This spring we have foaled out 3 mares so far and i have enjoyed every sleepless night!!!! my duties here consist of feeding the horses with my mother, cleaning stalls grooming and training.  i love this job very much and it would be ideal for me, however i am not employed here. the year i have been here has strickly  volenteer but i have enjoyed every minute.

Oct 2008 - Feb 2009

stall cleaner/groomer

Willow Grove Performance Horses

here at Willow Grove Perfomance Horses working for Linda Jones has given me the outstanding privalige to work with high class horses. my general duties included cleaning stalls 5 days a week, grooming the horses and the occasinoal assistance with training. i loved working there however i had to leave. i had found a job offering more money and in this economy one had to take it.

Jun 2008 - Aug 2008

Commercial Fisherwoman/cook

Dan Majors Fishing

every summer since 1998 i have traveled to alaska to work on my dads fishing boat. my duties include deck work with the net, cooking meals for a crew of 8 and cleaning the boat. it had taught me that hard honest work pays off and it is a provilage i enjoy very much.

Sep 2006 - Jan 2008

stall cleaner/groomer/training

W W Paints & Quarter Horses

working with Lesa Mandt was the opportunity of a lifetime. she has been one of my greatest teachers involving horses. my general duties included cleaning stalls, helping feed the horses, groom the horses and occasionally help with exercizing the horses. i loved this job very much!!!

Feb 2007 - Dec 2007

cashier/customer service

Scott Valley Feed

at Scott Valley Feed my general duties included helping unload the stock trucks, clean the store, assist customers with purchasing the right feeds for their livestock and helping carry the feed out to their vehicles. i liked this job because it taught me very good people skills and i learned alot about feed. however the constant heavy lifting and packing grain all day on cement floors was hurting my body that was my reason for leaving.


Feb 2007 - Jun 2007

High School Diploma

Discovery High School

Discovery High School is where i recieved my diploma. i loved this school because it allowed me to only focus on the courses needed for graduation and gave me more time to work to make money. I was out on my own at 17 so balancing work and school was a challenge but i did it successfully.

Sep 2006 - Feb 2007

High School Diploma

Yreka High School

i started my senior year at Yreka High School taking general courses. i also did extracurriculars like FFA. i did take a Vet. Science class that i loved very much!! my grades were good and if you would like a copy of my transcripts i will provide them.

i transfered to Discovery High School due to me being out on my own and needing more time to work and support myself through school. Discovery allowed me to spend less time in the classroom by only focusing on what i needed to graduate and more time at my jobs to make the money i needed to survive.


I have many interests in life but horses and everything affiliated with horses is where my head is the most. I have traveled into the world of leather work and for my senior project i made a pair of chaps. My main interest with horses seems to fall under breeding. My goal is to one day to go college for equine reproduction. I have worked on many places where breeding was a big part of the job and i have learned many valuable things over the years.

Horses aside my other interests include taking pictures, cooking and yes..i love working. being outside and working had makes me feel good.


I have grown up on ranches with cattle all my life My love for horses didnt really kick in until i was 6 years old but every day since my first horse ride i was hooked. So far i have spent my life learning everything i can about horses such as: proper nutrition, grooming, breeding, training and any other apect of the horse world. My main objective to is to find a job where i can surround myself with horses. in the past i have had to leave my love of horses for the more practical things in life such as finding a job that pays well to make the ends meet. However, i am very tired of leaving my passion behind. A career with horses is where my life needs to be. Its where i am happiest and where i have the most knowledge.


Hello!! My name is Molly Majors. I am currently 20 and absolutely mad about horses. Over the years i have had the chance to work on amazing ranches that i grew up on and when i struck out on my own i tried to get the same jobs. My life and my passion is horses. I want a career with horses. One day i hope to have my own farm with the bloodlines i have dreamed about since i was a little girl.