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Lego Mindstorm NXT
I developed an Artificial Intelligence for a Mindstorm NXT, consists in get out of any labyrinth.
Create DB and manage them.
Create DB and manage them.
Chess Game, It’s a simple Chess game that you can play in LAN, and I programmed it in Visual Basic .NET C# ASP  
Intel Parallel Studio
  I used Intel Parallel Studio on Windows for testing some applications and their performance. (Threading errors in multi-threaded C/ C++ Windows applications)  
  I used Java and SQL in a web application. I used Java and Informix ( Data-base) for a web application. The web application needed to do reports from a Car Warehouse.      
C / C++
  I developed a File System based on UFS(Unix File System) I developed an embedded game in V1 ColdFire. I developed a distributed program that can find large prime numbers with my own data type. AWARDS AND LEADERSHIP   ITESM Local Programming Contest (Honorable Mention with the team MAC-Trio) 1st prize in “Reto Intel 1”, Summer 2006(Multithread, Programming) 2nd prize in “Reto Intel 2”, Fall 2006(Multithread, Programming) 1st prize in “Reto Intel 3”, Spring 2007 (Multithread, Programming) 1st Place ITESO / 11th Place Regional (“MAC-Trio” Team) Fall 2008 

Work experience

Jul 2008May 2009

Developer / Tester


I was developing a traffic simulator.

I was tetsting it performance with Intel Parallel Studio.


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