Moises Rodriguez

  • Spring Valley CA
Moises Rodriguez


     I am an overachieving student that works hard and is committed to working hard and going to a four-year university. For the next couple of years, I plan to not only pass but excel in all my classes for senior year and apply to high-tier  colleges that I hope to go to. Such colleges are, but not limited to, Harvard, Stanford, or Berkeley. Harvard because it a a highly prestigious and respectable college that has been my motivation ever since I had notion of what a college was. Stanford because it is in California and is equally as respectable and prestigious as Harvard, making it a highly appealing university that fits my taste. Berkeley because it is also in California, has excellent programs for medicine and research, and has a really beautiful campus that is roughly 10 miles away from San Francisco, much to my liking. I want to pursue a career in medicine because I want to synthesize a potent  cure for many of the world's diseases and viruses to help alleviate the issues that exist in the world. I am passionate about research and eager to discover cures for currently incurable illnesses.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

Cumulative GPA: 4.3   Class Rank: 38 of 476   SAT: 1920   ACT: 29


12th Grade:

  • Digital Arts 5-6, AP English Literature and Composition,  AP Calculus AB, AP Physics C, AP United States Government.

11th Grade:

  • AP Chemistry, AP Spanish, AP United States History,  AP English Language and Composition, Physical Education, Honors Precalculus.

10th Grade:

  • Honors Algebra II, AP World History, Honors Chemistry, Digital Arts 3-4,  Honors Humanities II Literature, Honors Spanish 5-6.

9th Grade:

  • College Prep Biology, Digital Arts 1-2, Honors Humanities I English, Honors Geography, Physical Education, Honors Geometry.

Extra-Curricular Activities

I have been in a program called Reality Changers that helps first generation college students go to college for 3 years.

I have received a 4,000 dollar scholarship to go to UCSD's Academic Connections in the summer going into my junior year. The year after, I received an 8,000 dollar scholarship to go to UCSD's Academic Connections in UCSD and in Hawaii.

I have also been in another program called Advocates for Change Today for two years which promotes the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse in the community. In June 2015, an advertisement sign was placed in Horton Plaza with myself on it advocating against alcohol consumption for minors during prom season.

I am currently on the JV tennis team for my school. I started my junior year and plan to take it again this year.

Interests and Community Service

Ever since I got into high school, I have been volunteering in the middle school that I used to go to called EJE Middle Academy for the first two weeks of class every single day from 8:00 to 3:00. I have done a total of 200+ hours of community service there. I have also occasionally gone to soup kitchens to serve the homeless. Apart from my community service tasks, I am very fond of traveling and hope to travel the world one day as soon as I have my career established.