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I have more than three years of programming experience on the iOS platform. I started with Objective-C and then learnt Swift as soon as Apple released first Swift beta version.

I love to learn new things and work on challenging projects. I am self-motivated, hard working, determined, honest, good at decision making, problem solving, always happy to help my teammates, flawless communicator & dedicated and passionate team player.


I am most proficient in iOS application development.



Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, OS X, and watchOS. Writing Swift code is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and apps run lightning-fast. I learnt swift as soon as Apple released first beta version for developers. I am one of upwork's swift test writers.


Objective-C was the primary programming language to develop software for OS X and iOS until Swift released. I learnt Objective-C and developed some test iOS application back in 2012. I began to develop real world iOS application using Objective-C in late 2013.

Android / JAVA

I know JAVA basics and can develop Android app using Android Studio.

Sencha Touch

Most popular JavaScript framework for rapid mobile web and hybrid application development. This was my strongest skill until switched to native iOS development using Swift.

Appcelerator Titanium

Another most popular JavaScript framework and tool to develop cross platform native mobile application. I really enjoyed working with Titanium until started working with Swift.


There's no doubt that JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language. Today's all modern websites uses JavaScript. There's lot of JavaScript framework for mobile web & native app, game development. I'm most proficient with JavaScript.


jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript framework. It's simple yet very powerful. Saved a lot of programming hours, made programmers life easy. I have developed many websites, mobile applications using jQuery.


Most popular server language. I have been developing PHP applications, websites, APIs, CMSs,CRMs, eCommerce sites over 5 years. I worked with CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress  frameworks.

Version Control / Git, SVN, Mercurial

I started with mercurial then Subversion (SVN). But git made my life easier.


I have basic knowledge over AngularJS


NodeJs is the most demanding server language. I worked on only one NodeJS project.

Testimonials / Recommendations

"Outstanding work. This is the second time I've hired this contractor - and he's terrific. Lots of attention to detail, good communicator, and he really goes the extra mile. If you want your app built properly, this is the contractor to hire."

Jody Baty, Roamable

"One of the best programmers I have ever worked with - hard working, honest, smart, and lots of attention to detail. An excellent experience. I will be sure to with with Moin again."

Jody Baty, Roamable

"It was a great pleasure working with Moin. He's proven to be quite the responsible person, keeping his deadlines, and most importantly delivering quality and error-free code according to specifications. Another important aspect of Moin's work is that he looks at all aspects of the project and finds the best approach for each task. He also informed me of best practices and made recommendations on how to do certain things. If you are considering hiring Moin for your project - think no more."

Todor Bobev, Voksnet

"I cannot stress enough how lucky I was to find Moin on odesk. I had heard a lot of horror stories about freelancers and came close to getting stuck with a few initially. However, after just a short discussion with Moin it became apparent that he was an outstanding and more importantly- honest developer. From helping with the database design, to setting up git, to drawing up wireframes, to cranking out features on time, to uploading the apk to the app stores - Moin was right there throughout guiding me through the process. He patiently answered all my questions, was extremely easy to communicate with and gave honest feedback to make my app better. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and look forward to continue working with him in the future."

Saurav Ghoshal

"Moin is worth it! We worked together on a Sencha Touch project using Sencha Architect. He's extremely efficient in the work that he does, is attentive to issue resolution, and has great English skills. One thing I appreciated is his willingness to help me figure out issues on my machine to help me qa the code. This was usually on his own, non-billed time."

Eric Yu, Dynamic Social Exchange, Inc.

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Senior iOS Developer


Durlov is a progressive software development agency head-officed in the popular software outsourcing destination of Khulna, Bangladesh. Here I develop native iOS applications using Swift, Objective-C and lead cross platform mobile and web app development teams.

Jan 2015Present

Senior iOS Developer


Roamable is a startup. I have been helping them to develop various kind of iOS app using Swift. I have used frameworks like CoreData, CloudKit, CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation, GameKit, SceneKit, Social etc. I have also used various third party framework / SDK like Parse, FaceBook, Google Map etc. I work for them remotely on project basis.

May 2014Present

Mobile App Developer


I have been leading mobile app development team. We built several mobile applications using Titanium and Sencha Touch + Cordova.

Aug 2011Jun 2012

Senior Programmer


I was senior programmer as well as trainer. I used to develop cross platform app using Titanium, Sencha touch. Also worked on a game development using Corona SDK.



B.Sc. Engineering

Khulna University

Completed B.Sc. in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Major courses were Computer Programming, Data Structures & Algorithms, Microprocessors, Computer Network, Electrical Circuits, Basic Bipolar & Unipolar Devices & Circuits, Electrical Technology, Solid State Devices, Electronic Amplifiers, Oscillators & PS circuits, Switching & Finite Automata Theory, Op Amp & IC Technology, Digital Electronics & Pulse Techniques, Measurements & Electronic Instrumentation, Analog Communication, Digital Communication, VLSI Technology, Digital Signal Processing



Khulna Public College

Successfully completed my higher secondary school certificate exam from Jessore Board. Science was my major.



St. Joseph's Hight School

Successfully completed my secondary school certificate exam from Jessore Board. Science was my major.


JW Notes

It's a simple note taking app developed using Swift 2.1. CoreData is used to store notes locally on device and iCloud sync is uses to synchronize notes between iOS devices. It was developed for

App Store link:


I developed this foreign language learning application using Objective-C. Later converted to Swift. It was developed for Voksnet

App Store link:


It’s a order taking iOS application developed using Swift 2.0. It has arabic localization with RTL UI/UX.


This app uses iBeacon technology to show details for nearby machinery. It was developed using Swift 1.2. This app was developed for KnowledgStar™ under supervision of Jody Baty


It’s a CoreData and iCloud sync based application to help instructor / teacher for classroom management. Developed using Swift 1.2. This app was developed for Roamable.