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Work experience

Union Printing

Union Printing
Officer PC.. Data entree

Nuqul Group; Q.C.

Nuqul Group; Q.C.
inspector Q.C

Safety Officer

Mesab Co
Safety Officer. IPP3 power Secure all trenches with depth Job educate workers on the highlands Safety TBT Safety Induction

Site Supervisor & Safety Officer

Site Supervisor & Safety Officer. IPP3 power The tasks assigned to safety officer Informing workers of the risks Daily lectures for workers check Scaffolding on a daily basis Safety TBT Safety Induction Inspection PPE


Computer Skills; very good at using Excel, Word, Internet. Ability to work with team under the team spirit. Ability to work under pressure and hard circumstances.
Health Safety at Work
Occupational health
Public Safety
BAC/Aérospatiale Concorde