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Work experience

Jun 2009Jul 2009

Intern - Techology Development

CTB McGraw Hill
  • Developed a tool which loads huge amounts of data present as extract (csv files) into tables in MySQL server.
  • Optimized running of queries and stored procedure to identify the errors in the extracts provided to the clients.
  • Capturing errors in extracts took large amount of time due to the size of the extract. The new tool resulted in capturing errors in much less time.
  • Developed user interface with multiple and complex components in Java Swing to interact with the user.
  • Gained knowledge of the United States primary and high school (K-12) educational system and the testing strategies which is required for a better implementation of the project.
Apr 2008May 2008

Programmer Analyst

Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • Developed data loading modules in VBA and .Net to convert data from table format to XML format and vice versa for Bloomberg L.P., USA
  • Utilized technologies such as and C#.Net.
May 2006Mar 2008

Software Engineer/Programmer Analyst

Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • Developed and Tested number of modules for a financial product for Ameriprise Financial Corporation, USA.
  • Involved in the Database management part of the project which involves developing code to transfer the data from the Source to the target systems with complex transformation logic.
  • Utilized technologies such as Java, Oracle 10gR2 and the application is installed on AIX Solaris.
  • Worked as a Database Administrator for the last one year in this project. Involved in application and database tuning resulting in major reduction in run-time of the daily batch jobs.
  • Last project implemented involved re-architecture of data loading part in Oracle and UNIX thereby making it more robust and error free. This resulted in removal of a back-up server thereby profiting the client by hundreds of dollars. This project won several honors at the organization level.
Nov 2004Mar 2006

Software Engineer

Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • Developed functional requirements involving complex logic for data loading for Mellon Financial Corporation, USA.
  • Project required extensive knowledge of the domain of operation of USA's Defined Benefits and Health & Welfare policies and used.


  • To secure a full-time position as a Software Engineer/Database Analyst in an organization that makes full utilization of my potential, experience and academic knowledge.

Software Skills

  • Programming Languages : Java, C, C++, C# .Net, VB .Net
  • Databases : Oracle 9i/10gR2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, Microsoft Access, FoxPro
  • Web Technologies : J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Java Script, Ajax, XML, HTML, Macromedia Flash, CSS, PHP
  • Application Servers : Apache Tomcat 5.0, Glassfish application server
  • Frameworks : Hibernate Persistence Framework
  • Configuration Tools : Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • Platforms : Windows 95/98/XP/Vista/7, Unix (SUN Solaris, IBM-AIX), Linux, Mac OS X
  • Development Tools :SQL * Plus, TOAD, Eclipse Java EE IDE, NetBeans 6.7.1

Academic Projects

  • Implementation of Query Processor for flat files in Java - Database Systems, University at Buffalo. The Query Processor has capabilities of generating optimal query plans based on certain heuristics provided and fetches records in the least available time.
  • Implementation of SPARQL Query processor (partial functionality) in Java.
  • Developed a Graduate Application Submission and Maintenance application using
    • Phase I - JSP, Servlets and JDBC
    • Phase II - Java Struts 1.3 and JDBC
    • Phase III - Java Struts 1.3, Java Script, AJAX and Hibernate framework
    • All phases were deployed in Apache Tomcat Web server.
  • Implementation of peer-to-peer file transfer using TCP and UDP socket programming in C.
  • Implementation of Messenger between two Linux machines using TCP and UDP socket programming in C.
  • Implementation of basic File system in C. The File System has create, delete, read and write functionalities in C. It also includes a simulated Disk Management system where the storing of files is simulated.
  • Developed various projects in C involving multi processing and threads as part of course work for Operating Systems.
  • Transmission of Images through Imote2 Sensors - Advanced Embedded Systems Laboratory, University at Buffalo
  • Minimum Distance Fast Classifier for Object recognition and classification using MATLAB, University at Buffalo
  • Microcontroller Based Automatic Guided vehicle with obstacle Avoidance - Final year project for baccalaureate degree requirements
  • Implementation of Messenger between two Linux machines using TCP and UDP socket programming in Java.
  • XPath and XQuery processor implementation using Java.
  • Sample application in PHP and MySQL to understand the functionality of PHP.
  • Understanding the functionality of PERL and Python scripting languages.


  • 4 years of experience in IT industry with domain expertise in United States Insurance, Health Care and Stock Market domain and functionalities.
  • Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle PL/SQL Development Version 9i.
  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4.
  • Implemented various projects in Java/J2EE during the Masters degree.
  • Worked extensively in Oracle PL/SQL development projects and MySQL stored procedure and well-versed with various relational database management concepts.
  • Completed Infosys entry level training in Open Systems [UNIX, Oracle, Pro*C, RDBMS, C, C++, Visual Basic 6.0] with good performance. Also attended other professional and managerial training courses conducted by Infosys.