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I am a Senior in Abu Dhabi University studying Electrical Engineering. During my studies, I have successfully all of my courses so far with high grades. I am currently participating in Event companies to gain work Experience. As a student, I develop my time to manage between work, studying and my life style. I'm planning on continuing my studies and to achieve high ranks in Engineering and Science. Currently I'm focusing on my Engineering Career. I am aspired to become a Scientist in Math and Physics with my engineering degree.  

Work experience

Nov 2013Mar 2015

Student Employee

Vibes Events


I've worked with vibes as a student employee(part time employee) for a year and a half now. Through this time I've worked in many positions and a various number of Exhibitions and events.

And this is a summary about my positions and the major Exhibitions and Events and their Highlights that I've worked in:

Organizer Role:

In this position, I worked as an Organizer assistant/Organizer. In addition, my role was to insure that the Exhibition is under control and to help the organizers to manage the problems and different situations. Moreover, my role was also was managing some difficulties on site and to find an approach to solve them.

IDEX 2015

In this Exhibition, I've worked for a month in ADNEC. My job was for the build up, show, and break down days. My role was to help the organizers to manage the exhibition in various ways. In addition, My role was to Register Exhibitors by entering their details in the system. Moreover, I had to solve problems and conflicts regarding the Build up and break down days.

 In addition to IDEX, I've worked in Tawdheef 2015 as an organizer with Informa Exhibitions in the build up and show days, Where I had to register Exhibitors and VIP people. In addition, Solving some conflicts in the build up and the show days regarding the entry of items and visitors.

Registration Role:

In this position, I worked as a Registration staff. Most of my work in this position was in Exhibitions. My major role was to register visitors and Exhibitors to enter the exhibitions. Most of my work was with REED Exhibitions, Info Salon, Informa Exhibitions, D2I, ADNEC.

 And these are some of the Major Exhibitions I've worked in:

WFES(2014), ADIPEC(2014), Tawdheef(2014), Zayed Marathon(2014), ISNR(2014), ADIHEX(2014),

Usher Role

In this position, my work was to guide people to find their seats

The Illusionists 2.0, Cinderella Ballet Show in ADNEC,  Food Festival(2015), Nuskin(2014), 

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Students Employee

WOW Events

With this company I was working basically as a Guide(Usher). Most of my work was in Emirates Palace where I had to Guide people to their seats to watch different shows. and some of the shows were:

Magic show, Republic of Comedy

Nov 2013Jan 2014

Student Employee

Zara (AD Mall)

In this company, I've worked as a student Employee in the Clothes Shop Zara in Abu Dhabi Mall. My job was to help costumers to find the sizes and different clothes that would satisfy their taste and needs. In addition, I've worked in both Male and Female sections.


Aug 2011Jul 2016

Bsc. Electrical Engineering

Abu Dhabi University

I'm studying Electrical Engineering in Abu Dhabi University and I'm currently between my third and last year. I'm planing on studying Power systems and to continue with my Degree to Achieve high ranks in Science and Engineering.

In addition, I'm planning on studying Advanced Math and physics after achieving my Bachelor Degree.

Aug 2009Jun 2011

High School Degree

Vision Private School

Gradguating from Vision Private School with a grade of 93.2%.


Aug 2011Jul 2015

Appreciation Certificate 

Abu Dhabi University

Getting appreciated for achieving and maintaing a CGPA above 3.5 for each and every semester since I've joined the University

Apr 2013Apr 2013

Gulf Programimng Contest

Khalifa University

Getting the Certificate for participating in the Gulf Programming Contest held in Khalifa University.



Arabic and English

Communicating with People
  • Gained a lot of experience on how to communicate with people from my work experience
  • Gained confident in solving problems and conflicts
Computer Skills
  • Knowing how to program Using C++, Latex
  • Using Microsoft Office
  • Fast Typing Skills
  • Learned how to use various Electrical Programs such as MatLab, Lab View, Multisim, And Arduino

Words Of Wisdom

Change the way you think, change your life.


Vibes Events



  • To Achieve a high degree in Electrical Engineering, Math and Physics


  • Math
  • Physics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Sports
  • Programming