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Software Architect with 10+ years experience in both Microsoft and Open Source Web applications, Database Architecture, keen-eye for UI/UX responsive/adaptive mobile/web content delivery.  Delivered high-performance business applications, Facebook applications, Mobile applications, and 3D applications.

Customer facing activities: Understanding project requirements, estimating project/tasks, proposal of phases/timelines, revision of tasks/project phases after negotiation, work with designers for the product architecture and design, explaining the designs in customer meetings, architectural documentation, architectural evaluation, UAT/delivery planning.

Management:  Capabilities to get things done, by communicating the daily/weekly/delivery tasks, technical problems swiftly across the team with insights and suggested solutions.



MS SharePoint 2010, WCF Services/REST API, ASP.NET/MVC5, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, SQL Azure, SignalR

Open Source

MySQL5, MongoDB, Service Oriented Architectures, Redis, MeteorJS/Node.JS/ExpressJS, PHP


AngularJS, Angular Material, jQuery, HTML5/CSS3, Responsive/Adaptive UX, MeteorJS, Three.JS, nginx & varnish


ionic, MeteorJS, cordova/PhoneGap, Swift/iOS, Android/v21+, xamarin, titanium


Project Management (Agile), Software Architecting, Presentations, Estimation, TechDocument, Daily/Weekly Status Meetings Report

Work experience

May 2015Aug 2015


Architected web applications using Microsoft SharePoint, OData, on both backend and frontend, provided efficient architecture for the team, performed daily code-review meetings, and suggestions for team members.

Aug 2014Apr 2015

SheerMedia / Augmentron

Built and directed a new technical team to develop Augmented reality applications, using Visual Studio, Unity3D, Three.JS, backends with ExpressJS/MongoDB and an admin panel application in MeteorJS

Apr 2014Jul 2014

Photon Infotech,

Architected NodeJS solutions for:


GoodMorningPlanet App

Walgreens Account:



Aug 2013Apr 2014


Lead a 8 member team to develop projects on HTML5/CSS, JS/AngularJS, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Android, iOS, Node.JS/ExpressJS and Redis high performance applications:


Lead a team to develop a high performance web application in WebGL, Node.JS and Redis.  Users bid on auctions which count down every second.  Bidder names and bidder prices are updated every second while users try to bid on auctions on the website live.

Dec 2013Jan 2014



VS2012 & SQL Server 2012

Trained 20 corporate employees on ASP.NET, VS2012 and SQL Server 2012.

JavaScript and WebGL

Provided Training for 20 corporate employees on JavaScript/jQuery and in-depth WebGL concepts.

Aug 2012Aug 2013

Chief Technology Officer

Brainvalley Software Private Limited

As a Chief Technology Officer, lead a 10 member Microsoft dev team, took care of Production Deployments, using Team Foundation Server, Cloud Services (Windows Azure and Amazon/AWS), Web/AppServers (Varnish/NodeJS and IIS/ASP.NET), Mobile Apps using PhoneGap on Android (a bit on iOS/iPad) and Windows Mobile, development environments (VS2012 and Team Foundation Service) and ensured quality productivity from my process-oriented team at Brainvalley Software India Pvt Ltd.

Projects - IMSIndia and CPLC




Quizky is an online test engine, is the flagship product of the company, written entirely in C# on the ASP.NET 3.5 framework.  We migrated the project from ASP.NET 3.5 to ASP.NET 4.0, and deployed them into Windows Azure right from Visual Studio.  We also ensured the team used Visual Studio 2012.  We added the following modules to the project: Logistics, Messages,   Most of the jquery references were optimized into a single file using ASP.NET.  We also implemented Output Cache features for faster serving of pages.  We optimized several long running SQL Azure stored procedure queries by paging them and by also consolidating several queries into a single request server as JSON, across a all the pages in the product.  With this performance improvement, more than 25,000 students were able to take tests with only a single Azure instance.

BV Cloud


The team was not using any source control .  During code conflicts, their best bet was merging via chat, email and sometimes they took even one or two days to complete the merging.  Installed TFS on a local server and trained them on TFS.  In a week's time, we moved all the projects into organised repositories in TFS 2012.  The team's productivity increased ten-fold and we created more results and output much faster.  With this success, we created bvcloud to manage all our projects online, and started using this as our project management tool, which we also share to the client for viewing progress and posting feedback/questions.

Finert - Campus ERP

With our success of Quizky with IMSIndia (Indian Institute of Management Studies), we proposed a solution to migrate their MySQL/PHP application for accepting student prospectus and on campus registration into our cloud as an ASP.NET application on Windows Azure.  We migrated a 5GB database from MySQL to SQL Azure, and the application front end was completely redesigned and rewritten in ASP.NET to suit the new process for IMS.  UI was created using pure HTML5/CSS3 technologies, with no external JS plugins.

Project: TestCracker


One of our clients wanted to offer crash courses to CLAT and IAS students.  So we made them a portal (using HTML5/CSS3/JS technologies), with a blog for all the news and motivation to students to prepare for their CLAT and IAS exams.  We used ASP.NET 4.5 for this project and completed the first version in less than a weeks time, with the team following the streamlined process at

Aug 2011Jul 2012

Sr. Software Engineer


Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JS, FBSDK, PHP

Developed 16 Facebook apps.  Some of them are:

Love is in the air -  Air France  -

Endorph'fun on Toyota France page -

Caribbean Challenge - Air France -

La poste -

Fais ton clip Danette -

Gamekult - Tournoi des héros -

Emma watson's Trésor Midnight Rose -

The Chivas List 2012 -

Lookingo -

Its Miller Time -

Roger & Gallet - Memory  -

Mar 2009Jul 2011

Solutions Architect (Offshore)

Timecrunch, Media Mouth, Acapella Media

ASP.NET/AJAX implementation, Web Services, jQuery Timeslider + fullCalendar timezone, using HTML/CSS and JS Technologies

Jul 2005Feb 2009

Solutions Architect / Manager - TIG


Architected all Microsoft ASP.NET applications with the three layer of concerns, and managed the open-source team.  Ensured developers adhere to coding standards and to complete tasks and resolve issues on time.

Jan 2004Jun 2005

Software Developer

Travel Masters India Private Limited





Higher Secondary



TEKNIP, UAE: Mr.Jeevan Lobo   - (+971) 50 986 3380

KRDS: Mr.Siddesh Ram  -  (+91) 9500002095