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Bachelor of Computer Science  information Technology

Alrafdean University College
I studied on the computer theory and practice
Study all the pieces that make up the computer and how to link them to prepare programs and inauguration
The study of programming languages (Visual Basic - C ++ - PASCAL- HTML MATLAB - Delphi - Java

Work experience


Quality Control

I worked at first  Sales teamleader and moved to the quality control Since the beginning of the establishment of distribution and contributed to the Department's field inventory
Support Distribution Manager distribution of all private business department
The work of a comprehensive study on areas of Baghdad and divided according to the commercial market and classifications areas
Action interviews with employees of the Department of distribution and quality control department
The management and all employees follow the quality control
Distribution of each team on the areas and the work of field visits and follow-up to them a week
The salaries of the team work
Control field Distribution Section
Monitoring visits to sales representatives by phone
Work reports and sent to the Director-General

Holder of a certificate of merit in order to contribute to the success of Distribution Division

Responsible Administration And Accounts

Biaban Group - For Building and Construction

I worked in project management, business terminations Marina City 1.2.3
The work of all administrative correspondence pertaining to the department
 The work of all special accounts department
 Follow-up on all the work (schedule progress)
 Follow-up administrative staff
Follow up all matters relating to the department (salaries, absences, bonuses)


Sales officer

Canon Company  
I worked in Canon Company - Erbil . Sales official Follow-up customers and direct sales to them
Follow-up to all the company's requirements in terms of lack of materials
I left work after three months, and the difficulty of dealing with customers in the Kurdish language

Sales man - Department Printers & Image Solutions

Al-Taj for Computers and Communications

I worked in the sales department ( Printers & Image Solutions) dealing with customers and direct sales to a single sentence, to communicate with all customers throughcorrespondence and communication, and their visit, work orders with the Director-General of all materials needed by the department, received the items in the store and compare it with the orders previously sent. I traveled to Iran to see the market and the possibility of opening a commercial deal with the Iranian market. I traveled to Lebanon - the training of my production company - marketing laptop. Winner of the innovation cycle in the marketing industry.


Managerial - Department of Administraion

Ministry of the Interior
I worked in the Department of Administration and trained in all the administrative work of business management books and arranging incoming and outgoing and print research and studies.And he worked on the research marked (the development of security studies and Achartaiwih) and graciously by Mr. Adnan Hadi al-Asadi and got admission to the officers cycle exception but left the job because of the poor security situation.


I work on all computer applications

Word - Axcel - Powerpoint  - and All functions Office program 
programming languages :: Visual Basic - C ++ - PASCAL- HTML MATLAB - Delphi - Java
Maintenance software

Text Section

Ability to work in a team spirit
Ability to work long hours
 Ability to lead the team
Ability to make decisions
Ability to develop and advance