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Mohammed Khaled

Senior Business Analyst at Envestnet|Yodlee


Accomplished business and product management expert offering nearly 11 years of experience deriving software development through identifying and writing business requirement for the product and client. Creative and dynamic business analyst with proven expertise in Investment Management, Wealth Management, Investment Banking, Transfer Agency and Business Process Management/Modeling with extensive experience in capital market domain. Leverages exemplary communication and in-person meetings to establish presence and build a positive brand and product while fostering continuous client requirement. Adept at working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional team member and individual contributor.

Work experience

April 2016Present

Senior Business Analyst

Envestnet | Yodlee Infotech Pvt. Limited, BENGALURU

Lead product wealth team from India location, that provide Normalization service to the clients about different securities traded in the markets. It normalized with the imported data from different vendors and further provides a price check and reconciliation service with the Envestnet. The product support complete Asset Classification breakdown of the security traded in the market. Key achievements specified below.

  • As a Product Manager for Wealth Products, incorporates clients’ requirements.
  • Engages with direct communication with the Wealth clients about product behavior and functionalities.
  • Engages with Professional Services/Pre-sales team about supported functionalities in the product.
  • Work with the Engineering, Testing and other API supported teams to meet client and market expectations.
  • Successfully on boarded clients on Wealth products that generated revenue for the company and product.
  • Exposure on region/market specific requirements on Wealth domain.
Sep 2012April 2016

Senior Product Manager

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited, BENGALURU

Served as a key member of the Product Management team charged with formulating strategic decision and devising software development initiatives consistent with overall strategy. Engaged extensively with Stakeholders in identifying the business requirements of the clients and market demands including regulatory and formulate needs for the product - FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing (FCIS). Takes charge in complete SDLC of the product by engaging with Development and Testing teams. Build strong relationships with Sales and Pre-sales teams in highlighting the competitors and target market for product marketing. Outline new enhancement to Support team for decisively engaging with client issues.

  • Manages the complete SDLC of FLEXCUBE – Investor Servicing.
  • Identifies and prepares the business requirements for the product and client.
  • Provides functional and technical system solutions to meet the requirement.
  • Takes charge in functional testing for business use cases.
  • Participated and understands in building the complete SDLC of the product considering the regulatory demands such as FATCA and RDR - Share Class Conversion.
  • Controls, outlines and build up the clients’ needs for different tags and funds specific SWIFT messages supporting ISO20022 format.
Jul 2011Aug 2012

Business Analyst | Team Leader

TATA Consultancy Services (Citi Bank), MUMBAI

Worked as part of Business Process Management (BPM) team in streamlining client’s investment banking’s Transfer Agency and operational processes by mean, agile and waterfall methodologies. Deputed to different locations across India in understanding the operational flows in order to replace the manual activities with automation. Setup a client demo to present the visual models and activities considered for proposed flows. Helps in generating simulation and defining the timeline for system and user activities.

  • Present business models for standardization of operational and system flows.
  • Analyze the requirement and timeline involves for each operational activity.
  • Involves in providing regulatory solutions for the system and impacted areas.
  • Engaged with stakeholders for solution to the business requirement.
  • Coordinate the review, presentation and release of design layouts, drawings, analysis and other documentation.
  • Coordinate with internal and external customers.
Dec 2009Jul 2011

Senior Executive

Cognizant Technology Solutions (Credit Suisse), HYDERABAD

Served as a subject matter expert in analyzing the collateral value of an asset for the client with Haircut model. Involves in hedging the portfolios that comprises of multiple funds by means of due diligence of various partners associated with the funds. Engaged with fund managers in reviewing funds audited financial statements, fact sheets and offering memorandums and analyzes the risk associated with funds for investing. Identifies the share classes suitable for HNI customers by reviewing the performance of the share class and management fee and performance fee linked to the water mark level.

  • Analysis risk associated with various portfolios.
  • Provide surveillance on portfolios and notify client of any significant deterioration in counterpart credit profile or exposure changes.
  • Reviews and analyze all the legal documents linked to funds.
  • Performs holding analysis of client for the funds.
  • Engaged with fund managers for better rebates for the client for investment in their funds.
May 2006Sep 2009

Associate Transfer Agent

Franklin Templeton Investment, HYDERABAD

As a transfer agent for in house Asset Management Company takes custody of all transaction related requirements from the shareholders. Engaged in verticals of maker-checker concept for transaction processing, gathering KYC related documents and notifying non compliant customers. Extensively participates in anti-money laundering checks for the inflows and outflows of the funds.

  • Takes charge of shareholders transaction related requirements.
  • Analysis the KYC checks and notifies the non compliant customers.
  • Meets the SLA for transnational requirements.
  • Compliance with SEC, IRS and other statutes and rules.
  • Designs the checklist for each transnational related activity.


September 2016

Agile Training Certificate


The fundamentals of agile & scrum from ‘GoodAgile’.

December 2009

NCFM Certifications

NSE India

Financial Markets (Expired)

Capital Market-Dealers Module (Expired)

Derivatives Markets-Dealers Module (Expired)

Commodities Markets-Dealers Module (Expired)

Association of Mutual Funds in India - AMFI (Expired)


Bachelors in Commerce

Osmania University

Financial Services, Taxation, Business Economics and Accounting.


Communication Skills

Facilitate working meetings, ask questions, and listens to stakeholders. A strong communicator in a virtual settings via conference calls or web meetings.

Problem-Solving Skills

Facilitate a shared understanding of the problem, the possible solutions and determine the scope of the project.

Critical Thinking Skills

Responsible for evaluating multiple options before helping a team settle on a solution and listen to different stakeholders and their inputs.

Documentation and Specification Skills

Ability to create clear and concise documentation using Waterfall and Agile methodologies.

Analysis Skills

Ability to identify gap between systems and provide solution for impacted areas.

Visual Modeling

Ability to create visual models such as workflow diagrams or wireframe prototypes. Experienced using tools such as Visio and Metastorm ProVision.

Facilitation and Elicitation Skills

Ability to facilitate requirements workshops.

Business Analysis Tools

Ability to use basic office tools such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Relationship-Building Skills

Ability to forge strong relationships with stakeholders particularly development and testing teams.

Self Managing

Manages commitments and deadlines, a skill set which involve influence, delegation and issue management.

IT Technical Skills

Vast experienced and ability to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Visio.

Ability to query in SQL with commands such as SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE.