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Mohammed Gomma

Senior Lead Developer - PHP/Drupal at Data-Stars

Work experience


Senior Lead Developer-Php

Senior Lead Developer-PHP/Drupal at (11 months) Build, maintain and enhance enterprise web applications that provides solutions to governmental sectors in Kinkdom of Saudi Aarabia on drupal 7&8 includes rebuild existing projects and systems. lead the team to best practice for doing stuff on drupal as a platform, taking them to advanced level of drupal development and reveal misconceptions about drupal API and architecture. Participate in the development of other projects built on Laravel 5.

Senior Php

Queen Tech Solutions

1 year 2 months) Senior php web developer maintain and enhance E-commerce system which let users create their own stores by registering to the web site, choose from ready made templates and help them run their buissnes in minutes. Added theme inheritance feature to help ui developers speedy build new templates, writing less code by inheriting existing ones and only their new items or overwrite existing. Rewriting existing source code to remove redundancy and apply quality control to the system, add oop oriented architecture and track source code though GIT and LAMP stack environment. Implement file caching system and performance enhancements tools like minify which minifies and compress css and js files reducing number of http requests sent from the browser to load all page content which affect page load speed and make bad user experience for long time waiting page to load also implement css sprite technology for images. Build facebook application(page tab) for the store over one central domain plays as controller between stores and users pages to help users create and control their facebook application without need to ssl certificate for every store. Implement third party API like mailchimp to help site administrators manage mail marketing and take benefits from mailchimp rich features. Report to project manager daily and weekly after every update or feature deploy.




Faculty of Science Menofia


Programming PHP, OOP, MySQL, Node.js.

Frontend HTML, CSS, Smarty, Twig, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS,, AJAX,  .

Tools Drupal7&8, Magento2, Laravel5, CodeIgniter, Zend2, Symfony2, WordPress, Redis, Web Applications, Ionic Framework.

Devops Docker, Git,  Apache, LAMP, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

APIs, Web Services, SOAP,  Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Operation systems CentOS, Ubuntu, windows

OthersTechnical Writing, Scrum,Team Leadership, Teamwork, Team Motivation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO),Hadoop, Data Science