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Mohammed Mahmoud Abuelhassan

Chemist,Researcher and techenical support assistant in agrochemical field at NCIC


Responsible for agrochemical department to develop and analysis both pesticides and fertiliser. 

Chemist, researcher and techenical support assistant with over 9+ years of experience formulating pesticide and any kind of fertilisers and analysis know techniques both GC/FID,HPLC/UV,COD,BOD,KARL FISCHER and others 



Bachelor In science

University of Al Azhar

Vert good grade about 76 % In special chemistry 

Work Experience


GC/FID and HPLC/UV Analyst

El Nasr Company For Intermediate chemicals

Analysis both pesticides and Insecticide .

  • ISO/IEE: 17025 Lab accreditation in insecticide Aerosol  (pyrosol) analyst.
  • Analysis active ingredients in insecticide Aerosol by GC/FID.  
  • Analysis both active ingredients and impurities in insecticide Aerosol by HPLC/UV.
  • Analysis both technical Raw material and any formulated pesticides by GC/UV and HPLC/UV .
  • Analysis of pesticides in water and waste water .
  • Know How writing Reports , spare parts, method aplication/validation  and troubleshooting 

formulating pesticide products

El Nasr Company For Intermediate chemicals

Responsible for developing pesticides formulation 

  • Making formulation of EC pesticides by knowing Emulsifier, solvent type,technical raw material and stabilizer.
  • Making formulation of insecticide Aerosol by knowing WHO/FAO recomindation, type of active ingredients, solvent/Co_solvent and synergist.
  • Know specifications of bottles, Cans, Valves and how to  test them.
  • Making stability tests, density, viscosity, Emulsion test,suspensability, wettability and flash point.
  • Making powder and granulated formulation.
  • Making any special formula

fertiliser analysis and development

El Nasr Company For Intermediate chemicals

Responsible for analysis fertiliser and making new formulation from market study to production plant

  • Analysis of any type of Nitrogen in fertiliser by kjahldal instrument.
  • Making formulation of solid and liqiud Fertiliser.
  • Making Innovative techniques for making some fertiliser as boron ethanol amine and potassium silicate fertiliser.
  • Solve problems of bottles and sealing in manufacturing process.
  • Making high pure fertiliser from bad agriculture phosphoric acid.
  • Following production process trouble and solve it.

Registration documents prepare

El Nasr Company For Intermediate chemicals

Responsible for preparation of documentation of registration of fertilisers in agriculture minstery and pesticides in both minstery of agriculture and minstery of health 


Operator and Supervisor in sulfuric acid and phosphate plant

El Nasr Company For Intermediate chemicals

Attend construction and Start Up both sulfuric acid plant and super phosphate fertiliser plant

1- know everything about the sulfuric acid from sulfur melt to sulfuric acid production 

2- know everything about the working of super phosphate plant from construction view, start up, troubleshooting, commissioning and operation


  • Save 3 millions of pounds by treatment of some expired pesticides. 
  • Save 1,5 million of pounds by increasing the activity of herbicides which doesn't have the right activity.
  • Save 1 million of pound by providing method to produce a new fertiliser product.
  • Making a product not produced in any manufacturer in Egypt.
  • Making brochure of the company products.
  • Discover some problems in fertiliser factory and treating them.
  • Working on epoxy polyvinyl ester Resin to extend their shelf life 

Researcher and analyst and problem solving skills (Before & After)


Team Working/Self Motivated

. Making a good Relationship with team and understanding their views prospective and self motivated man with excellent background 

. Solving problems of production by scientific methods 

Courses and Training 

 1- course in water treatment technique

2- course of ISO/IEE: 17025 OF Lab Accreditation 

3- course of Method Validation

4- training in RO Plant

5- Training in plants of fertilisers and pesticides 

5- training in Aerosol plant

6-Training in Potassium sulfate plant

7- training and work in epoxy polyvinyl tank plant

Language and Computing 

1- Mother Langauge : Arabic 

2- English Language (excellent at Reading , and Writing and good in Conversation)

3- ICDL Course of windows and Office 

4- Graphic Course ( photoshop,illustrator and Indesign )

Custom dated section

Personal Information

Birth Date  : 01- Feb - 1985

Meritial State : Married and have 3 daughter 

Military status : exempted

Health state : amputated the left hand side below elbow in working accident at super phosphate plant