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Committed, focused, creative, and highly proficient with strong communication and Leadership skills. I am looking for a managerial position within your  company. Where I get the chance to apply my knowledge, and to provide effective and quality work performance.

Work experience

Jun 2006Sep 2015


Camelia Perumes

Operating a small perfume business in Beirut is such a rich and educative experiment.

-I started Camelia Perfumes back in 2006 with one small perfume retail shop.

-I had to learn about the perfume making business fast in order to keep my customers satisfied. Especially knowing that the Lebanese clients are known to be sophisticated and picky by nature.

-Although the Lebanese market is an unstable and risky market, I managed to develop Camelia Perfumes into a well established and profitable small business throughout the period of nine years.

-Camelia Perfumes in now composed of three retail shops located strategically in Beirut. In addition to Camelia's own line of perfume, body splash, and body lotion.

-I managed to market Camelia products in the Lebanese market as whole sale products.

-Leading a staff of ten employees is a tricky job, and requires lots of managerial skills. Where I had to keep the business up and running on an ascending profitable trend.

-I had to manage the staff starting from production in the workshop, to the sales and customer satisfaction. Skills & Qualities Managing a small business in the perfume industry demands you to develop lots of skills and qualities such as

Skills & Qualities


Leading a staff of ten employees with different backgrounds, skills, and nationalities can be a challenging job. Yet this experience was challenging enough for me to create a suitable working environment  for every member of my team to feel comfortable and productive from his or her position. 


working in the perfume industry improves and intensify the sense of smell more than the average people usually have. 

This factor improved my creativity over the years. Where I had the pleasure to  design and create more than a perfume product under the name of Camelia brand.


Charisma is a key factor to succeed in the perfume industry  weather when it comes to retail or even in whole sale

Sales management

With a small and risky market such as the Lebanese market, the competition is usually very high. By managing  sales in 3 retail shops  in addition to sales of whole sale products. I managed to keep profitable numbers with hitting targets.

Production management

Opening a small workshop in order to produce Camelia's own line of products was a smart move in order to remove the middle men and lower the cost of the product. 

By managing Camelia's small work shop I gained experience how the perfume is elegantly created.

Profitability & loss management

Personally Managing a business of 3 retail shops and whole sales products 

I had to personally look over accounting and manage the profitability and loss of each item or store as a unit and by the business as a whole

Effective market study

In a small competitive market such as the Lebanese market I have to do my homework fast, and look for profitable business opportunity 

Adventerous risk management

Weighing each opportunity risk and benefits is a key factor in every successful business 

Vast knowledge in fragrances

Over a period of almost ten years, I managed to accumulate a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to perfumes

-I can easily distinguish more than 400 famous brand smells just by the scent

-I know my way around perfume types and classes

-I can distinguish each perfume notes weather its a base note, middle note, or a head note just by its scent  

-I have good information how each brand name perfumes is marketed and what philosophy each house of perfume have


Computer literacy

In addition to my degree in computer science

I have vast knowledge in design programs especially photoshop

In addition to accounting programs such as Quickbooks

I also have good experience in online marketing such as facebook ads and google adsense

Fast learning & adabtabiliy

I have the ability to adapt and learn fast under any situation am put in


Making Camelia perfumes didnt happen overnight. 

It took lots of patience and hard work from my side to make Camelia a successful buisness over the period of nine years

Wits & Looks

I am best described that I am smart with the looks that can close any business deal

Friendly and funny personality

I am an easy going person with a funny sense of humor

Positivm in attitude

Keeping a positive attitude is very important to 



B Sc

Arts and Science university in Lebanon

Bachelor in Computer Science

Interests & Hobbies

- Sports in general. Basketball and Football in particular 
- Self education. Especially in Leadership qualities

- Movies
- Reading