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Jan 2016Present

Software Developer


My role includes working with version control and issue tracking applications to meet customer requirements by providing software solutions for the telecommunication industry. On a continuous basis, I perform the following:

  • Investigate collaborate with peers to find the best way to implement solutions.
  • Review code to learn from more experienced programmers and make suggestions to improve software.
  • Inspect execution flow, refactor, and write tests as part of our test-driven development process.
  • Document development procedures for ease of access by other members and teams.
  • Present demonstrate my work to other teams and managers.
  • Train & mentor new hires of different seniority, and present architecture overview and code walk-through.

During my time at CENX so far, I have worked on three large scale customer projects where I had the opportunity to make contributions to all major components and libraries in our codebase. I wrote functions and namespaces for existing and new micro-services. I evaluated and reworked legacy code into a better performing oneI updated UI code to reflect the back-end functionality. Consequently, I became a subject matter expert on two major system components where I continue to maintain ownership and responsibility over related code repositories. Throughout this experience, I have worked with tools and services from the Clojure family (Clojure, ClojureScript, Datomic) and the Apache family (Zookeeper, Kafka, Solr, Cassandra, Spark). I have also been exposed to orchestration tools such as Docker as well as solving frequent problems by leveraging the Unix CLI and writing Bash scripts.


Telecommunication          Scrum Agile          Enterprise Software          Git          Clojure          Java          Python          C/C++          Unix CLI          Datomic          Cassandra          Kafka          Spark          Javascript          HTML          CSS          C3/D3 data visualization          Robot Framework


Sep 2011Dec 2015

B. A. Sc. in Computer Engineering

University of Ottawa