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Sep 1997Aug 2009

Very good

Joreish Secondary School for Boys

2008-2009: General Certificate of Secondary Education, the literary section, Joreish Secondary School for Boys, the West Bank at a rate (82).

Work experience

Jan 2009Present


jourish council
• An employee of the Village Council Joreish since 1/1/2009 in the accounting department - work on electricity prepayment meters and the program so far. • Village Council Skrtrer Joreish since 01/01/2013 In addition to my work and do the previous financial matters of the Board and save files. • trainee accountant in the Village Council Joreish. (V) 2527505/09, and work on the program of the Bureau of Accounting. • Training in the Department of Accounting at the Joint Services Council for the management of solid waste of the Nablus Municipality and work on the Golden Aseel accounting program. • an employee of the Joint Services Council -akrba- water department employee since 08/01/2014 Water Charger and part-time collector.


• communication skills. • Teamwork. • continuity in self-development. • Ability to work under any circumstances. • skill print books and correspondence.• Complete skills to Microsoft office (Excel, power point, office word.) • various online skills.


• holds a comprehensive program cycle accounting