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Summary \ خلاصه

محمد فخرپور - متولد تهران - دانشجوی مهندسی نرم افزار کامپیوتر

چهارسال سابقه فعال برنامه نویسی تحت پلتفرم های ویندوز، وب و موبایل از جمله طراحی وب سایت مرکز تحقیقاتی دانشگاه تهران، طراحی اپلیکیشن "تست سرعت اینترنت" برای شرکت مبین نت، پیاده سازی پروژه بزرگ "ایرانین گمبیت" برای دانشگاه امام حسین، تجربه ساخت بازی آنلاین و آشنا با مباحث برنامه نویسی میکروکنترلر ها و رباتیک

روحیه شرکت در فعالیت های گروهی - آمادگی یادگیری سریع مباحث نوین برنامه نویسی - پشتکار زیاد در بررسی و رفع مشکلات مختلف برنامه نویسی

Work History \ سوابق کاری


Job Title: Desktop and Android Developer

Company: Dadekavan (site:

Completed projects in "Dadekavan" company:

  • Network speed test android application for MTN Irancell
    Advance node.js upload server for android speed test app
  • Redesign and customize Linphone VOIP android application for MTN Irancell (in progress)
  • Online super market system for product distributors (Android project) (in progress)

Skills \ مهارت ها

WPF, XAML, Universal App, MVVM
Android Studio, SQLite, MVP
HTML, CSS, JavaScript ,AJAX
Node.js,, MongoDB
C++, Atmel AVR
Unity3D game engine
Linux operating system

Projects \ نمونه پروژه

Android App "صفر تا صد برنامه نویسی"

In CafeBazaar:
  • Written in Java and SQLite
  • Fully Optimized for android 2.3 and upper
  • Material UI with android 2.3 support

Android App "Mobinnet Speed Test"

Application preview image:
  • Written in Java
  • Custom UI controllers
  • Advance animations
  • Custom data manager with xml data format
  • Works with phablet and tablets
  • Optimized for android 3 and upper

Advance Node.js Upload Server for "Mobinnet Speed Test" Android App

Used as upload server for upload speed test
  • Written in Node.js
  • Multi upload connection support
  • Get user ISP information (location, ...)
  • Calculate upload speed of multi files in one request
  • Real time upload speed
  • API to sync with android app

Improve Android App "Delino"

in CadeBazaar:
  • Written in Java and SQLite
  • Improve application performance and add some features
  • Fix application bogs
  • Improve UI, UX

Redesign "Linphone VOIP" Android App ("مبین نت همراه")

Application preview image:
  • Written in Java
  • C++, CMake and Assembly files compiled and converted to java source files
  • Application completely redesigned
  • Refactor most parts and add some features
  • Bubbles design chat conversion
  • Right to Left support for android 3 and upper

Personal Android In-App Payment Web Based Control Panel

Panel preview Image:
  • Written in PHP and MySQL
  • Fully AJAX
  • Installed and Activated count of android apps
  • Handle application version and updates
  • Handle application id, name and prices of android apps
  • Trial and Succeed Payment Transactions list
  • Advance upload manager to handle application apk files
  • Backup and Restore Database
  • Every developer have a personal account and can manage and view his application info

Advance Autorun for Educational Video Products

Program preview Image:
  • Written in C# WPF, MVVM
  • Personal embed VLC Player
  • Added custom capability to VLC Player for better UX
  • User Friendly UI
  • Advance smooth animations
  • Reusable activation code
  • Advance video encryption
  • Local and server side Security lock
  • Web based control panel

Advance Autorun for Educational Video Products Web Base Control Panel

Panel preview Image:
  • Written in PHP and MySQL
  • Fully AJAX
  • Add unlimited unique activation code
  • Manage activation codes
  • All information about users and his codes
  • Payment transactions list
  • Backup and restore database

PlusMW3 Anti Cheat Web Based Control Panel

Panel preview image: soon
  • Written in Node.js, and MongoDB
  • Real time report user state
  • Admin room to control users
  • Admins all are sync with each others
  • Sync with c# desktop applications
  • Save all reports in server side, reports is available in admin panels
  • Local advance report manager

Cross Platform Online FPS Game

Game preview image:
  • Written in C# and power by Unity3D game engine
  • Online game power by UNET framework
  • Advance unity particle system
  • Run on Windows, Android and Linux
  • Create local network between all type of devices

Education \ تحصیلات


Computer Software Engineering

Payame Noor University