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Work experience


Exalt : 2014

Java programming: object oriented programming, web basic concepts and programming using java, Rest web services, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSP and Spring framework.


12th grade

Burqeen Secondary School:
Location: Jenin
Major: 12th grade- scientific class
Average: 95


Birzeit University : 2010-2015
Location: Ramallah/Birzeit
Major: Bachelors Compuuter System Engineering
Average: 88.1


Technical Skills:

Designing, coding and testing software
Dealing with different hardware components
Understanding of networking and security
Good background in Analysis of Algorithms

Non Technical Skills:

Interpersonal and communication skills              
The ability to work in a team

Projects I worked On

Brain Controlled Robot
I worked on implementing a powerful feature extraction technique and applying advanced signal processing techniques on EEG signal in my graduation project. I build a Robot completely controlled by thinking


New hardware components such as sensors and microcontrollers.
Researches about signal processing techniques