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      I'm electrical engineering in Ministry of Defense , I have done many projects in my work like photocell connection which I have experienced how to install and connect photocell on the building for saving energy. Also, I have done a project that distribution board connections . On  other hand, when I was a studend  at  Purdue University in the United States , I worked in Access Center Disability, my work was a note taker that I helped a student in a class which was Arduino software in Electrical Engineering department . 

Work experience

May 2018June 2018

Installing and Connecting Photocells on Building

Project management organization

      I have installed photocells on tow buildings whose length each of these 60 M. I have used one photocell for each building. The photocell   is electronic device to manage out door lighting because it is safe energy by  truning themselves t  automatically when the sunrise comes



How to make a decision and define engineering projects

Kuwaiti Society Engineering

What I get experience from this course that before I take a decision which project is the best, should I transfer all the points to Numbers of projects like Cost , living and quality regarding projects. Then, making compare among projects. 


Electrical transport networks

Kuwaiti Society Engineering

1-how to operate the station 

2-Components of the main switching station

      a) Feeders.

       b) Bus-bar

        c) Transformers 

3- Switchgear