Mohammad Alawdi

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Mohammad  Alawdi

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2012 - Jan 2014

Remittances and credits

ALDAMINA Company for financial services

Work in most sections of the company, including :-

  • Department of remittances and credits:-

Personal remittances.

Bank remittances,Audit and follow-up Invoices and bill of loading And all attachments ofremittances.

Swift banks system,Follow up the bank correspondence and inquiries. 

Follow up Statements of clients account.(Al Hakim to automate financial systems).

Dealing with e-mail.

  • Technical Support

Hardware maintenance & devices Format.

Devices and Printers definitions.

Apr 2014 - Jan 2014

Services Quality Department & IT-helpdesk

AHLI BANK (Out source) Belonging to the SMS
  • Services Quality  Department :

work on service manager consol,portal,Active directory.

Dealing with banking systems.(I bank, PS Tearm , psecc)

End-user support,Follow up their problems and find solutions to them.

Dealing with e-mail.

  • PC Support

PC Format.

Devices and Printers definitions.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2012

Sales And marketing

ALWASEET office for Real Estate.

I worked in several areas, including

  • Accounting .
  • Technical Support.
  • Data Documentation and Advertising.
  • Dealing with e-mail.


Jan 2008 - Jan 2011

B.Sc. in Management Information System - MIS

AL_Isra University - Jordan

Good grade and the Average is 72%

Research talks about the traditional trade and modern commerce and

 e-commerce and comparison among of them In addition to marketing a

Website based on HTML language, Macromedia Flash MX, Photoshop, FrontPage and Dream weaver MX.

Jan 2007 - Jan 2008

B.Sc. English Literature

AL_Isra University - Jordan

42 hours of specialization English Literature.

Faculty of Arts.



Personal Skills

Networks System. Very good at skills Microsoft ICDL. Computer maintenance (hardware / software). • Communication skills. Team Work, health and Self Study. Fast learner, with high IQ and logical skills. Ability to work under pressure. I have ability to analysis problems and making solution within the limits available to me as soon as possible.

Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Using :( Macromedia Flash MX, Photoshop, FrontPage, Dream weaver MX).

Operating Systems

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000 and Server 2003