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Metadata Manager Project

scheduling techniques using event table Informatica Data Replication. Solaris O.S. HP-UX O.S. Oracle database. Teradata Database, TD Fastload, Viewpoint, Sql Assistant and BTEQ Utilities. Building TD target tables and design it to achieve the best performance like primary index for best skewing value. Power Bill. Solaris Cluster Failover to implement CDC high availability. Ejada-Informatica ME MTN Nigeria-Lagos Data Archiving Project Working in MTN Nigeria with EMC in Informatica Data Archive project: It includes two projects one has seven databases needed to be archive and the other has three databases. The scope to move around 200TB of archive data from source databases which is oracle running on VMAX EMC storage to archive databases wich is oracle that is running on VNX EMC storage. It includes the following systems(PPMS, FMS, RA, Single View, IFS, Siebel CRM, and three data warehouses). The second phase of the two projects is to move the archive Database to optimized file system which provided by Informatica and users can query it through SQL, ODBC and JDBC connection. Tools: Informatica Data Archive and File Archive. Solaris O.S. Oracle PlSQL. Oracle Sqlloader. JAVA development. Informatica Fast Clone. Ejada-Informatica ME MTN Nigeria-Lagos Data Integration Project Working in MTN Nigeria with EMC in ODS project: which includes moving data from all source systems(DBs, Flat Files, Binar Files, Web Services,…) to GreenPlum EMC database which is the target system. We used Informatica PowerCenter as our ETL tool that used in data integration and used PowerExchange to work in real time mode. We were monitoring the system activites and tune the queries to enhance the system performance. Tools: Informatica PowerCenter and PowerExchnage CDC. Solaris O.S. Red Hat O.S. Oracle database. GreenPlum Database. GreenPlum Performance Monitoring. Ejada-Informatica ME First Bank Nigeria-Lagos Data Masking Project Working in First Bank Nigeria with EMC/BPT in PCI compliance project: working in a big project that try to acquire the PCI certificate for the First bank, our part is to use Informatica Data Dynamic and Persistence
Jun 2015Present

Etl Team Leader

Abu Dhabi Police
UAE-Abu Dhabi Building new system for SAS-MEMEX Project ETL Team Leader. Building new System and replacing the old system for SAS-MEMEX: The old system for SAS-MEMEX was depending on MySql database, and the new system required to replace MySql with Oracle databases and slove existing business issues and/or performance issues. Our taskes to achive customer business requirements, migrate and build new model to Oracle database and solve andy perfomance issues. It is working on two steps firstly the staging area to map data from Oracle source system to Oracle stage system, then build the final target Oracle system. We are using SAS Data Integrator and SAS Programming
May 2015Jun 2015

Etl Team Leader

ETL Team Leader. DWH migration from Teradata to Exadata Handover: Have Joined the end of migration project from Teradata TCDM, to Oracle Exadata OCDM besides reporting migration from SAP Business Object on TCDM to OCDM. The OCDM will include also the loaded CDRs to Staging area which will be loaded using Oracle Data Integrator. Tools: Tradata Teradata Utitlities TCDM Exadata OCDM ODI Business Object Ejada Alinma Bank KSA-Riyadh DWH Data Migration Project
Apr 2015May 2015

Etl Team Leader

ETL Team Leader. DWH migration from OFDM to OFSDF and Apply CDC: The old architecure was operating on OFDM DWH by moving data from T24 system to EDH as a staging then move it to OFDM. The project scope was migration from old model OFDM to new model OFSDF, so we rebuilt the structre and move the data from EDH and OFDM to OFSDF(STG to OFSA to Result). We have applyied CDC on some tables from T24 to EDH and from EDH to OFSDF. Tools: Informatica PowerCenter. Informatica CDC PowerExchnage. OFSA. Erwin. Business Objects. Informatica Profiling. Ejada SAP-ERP Alexandria-Egypt
Mar 2015Apr 2015

Technical Team Leader

Technical Team Leader. SAP-ABAP trainging: The company assigned a task to me to start a SAP-ERP team. Tools: SAP-ERB SAP-ABAP
Jun 2011Mar 2015


PWX CDC Utilities.
Ejada-IME(previously it was Informatica ME) Last Position: IME Technical Team Leader Previous Positions: Technical, Pre-Sales, and Sales Consultant. Tools: The following are the tools used during the projects, POCs and support activities Informatica Data Masking(ILM) Informatica Data Archive(ILM) Informatica Dynamic Data Masking Informatica Data Subset(ILM) Informatica PowerCenter with all options Informatica PowerExhange(CDC)-Express and Logminer Informatica Pro-Active monitoring for PWC and DQ Informatica Data Replication and Fast Clone Informatica Data Quality and Data Services Informatica Address Doctor Informatica Identity Matching Informatica B2B Data Transformation and Exchange. AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Red Hat Interface Unix/Linux systems(SSH) Oracle Database 10g and 11g MS.SqlServer 2008 R2 MySql GreenPlum Database Teradata Database Responsibilities: Designing, Development and implementation for Data Integration, Data Archiving, and Data Managment solutions using Informatica products. Providing consultancy and healthy checks for Data Integration, Data Archiving and Data Managment solutions to achieve the best performance and full utilization of Informatica products. Providing technical support for informatica products. Ejada-IME(previously it was Informatica ME) DU UAE-Dubai Change Data Capture Projects Working in DU UAE Change Data Capture projects: which includes capture delta data change in source system using CDC and deliver it to ETL which is Informatica Powercenter to applay required tarnsformations then load the changes to target systems. There were two Oracle source systems, Billing(BSCS) and Siebel CRM. Target systems were Teradata Data Warehouse. Extra part for CDR Log(RTX) to replicate it using IDR as a source Oracle DB to TD as a terget DB and to Power Bill Analytics as a CSV files as a target using CDC and PWC. The scope was generateing delta change, tarnsforming and loading data from BSCS to TD, Siebel to TD, RTX to TD, and RTX to PWB. Tools: Informatica PowerCenter PowerExchnage CDC Logminer then Express editions.
Jun 2010Jun 2011


Dara Archive Demo. Navy Forces Projects Egyption Navy Forces Position: BusinessAnalyst and Software Developer: Medical Insurance Cards for officers and Build system to manage work in the troop Tools: Asp. net3.5, Sqlserver2008 and Crystal Reports for the first project Oracle 10g Database, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Oracle Plsql and Toad for Oracle for the second project
Jun 2009Jun 2010


Web Development Projects Freelancer Egineer for compaines all over the world: Online sports training using PHP/MySql DB for company in USA Data retrieval using EXTJS/PHP for company in USA Book store site using PHP/Smarty and MYSQL for company in USA Event Calendar using PHP/EXTJS for company in Switzerland PDF creation using PHP for company in Germany Participate in Dar-Hafs project using ASP.NET and SQLSERVER for company in Egypt Access Active Directory Server with PHP and return data in XML format for Oil&Gas Company in Norway Develop a SugarChrom CMS plug-in that replace all data grids to ETXJS Ajax Data Grids and using PHP with SugarChrom ORM system at backend to handle handle DB interaction the for Software Company in Denmark.




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