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Work experience

Mechanical Engineer At Techno Crane Company

Crane Company
Mechanical Engineer at Techno “ Egypt”:- Maintained, modified and upgraded on cranes and heavy lifting equipment. Monitored all offshore crane maintenance support service contracts with major oil and gas clients. Performed site inspections of plant and equipment at various construction sites and coordinated with project representatives at different levels. Inspected lifting equipment, electrical installations and cranes to ensure that they comply with current regulatory and statutory requirements. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Able to adapt computer program solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness, organizing records, and compiling reports. Knowledge of designing and maintaining new databases. Experience of working with minimal supervision or as part of a maintenance team in analyzing mechanical failures. Knowledge of considering time constraints like safety, cost and environmental issues. Have previously worked with multi-national and multi-skilled crews. Professional Training & Courses HVAC & Firefighting Certificate in Design the Firefighting system. Certificate in Design the HVAC and BMS. Training course for Refrigeration system for chiller and Freezer by ZUBLIN. Training at Delta Company on in installation work HVAC in Islamic Museum Egyptian. Automotives 1-Fundamental of automotive mechanics…. Korean Institute. 2-Automotive gearbox…. Korea Institute. 3-Training on the latest means of maintenance for modern cars in TOYOTA Egypt. Aviation Basic Maintenance of Aircraft Course Certified from ICAO. 4 Safety & Healthy Full Knowledge in Safety and Healthy. And I have many Certificates and Training Courses which qualify me to complete required tasks without any risks for me and my team. Fire awareness training at Doha international airport. Airport Emergency Plan orientation Program(EPOP) Training. Health and safety training at Doha international airport. Standard operating procedure Course.

Head Loss

Head Loss Calculation for Primary & Secondary pumps system. Selection of Chillers, AHU, FCU, Exhaust Fan, Blower, Cooling Tower. And hook up for the units. 3 Manage Design Errors.-Quality assurance and auditing. Duct Design.-Coordination.-Leadership. Package documentation for approval from client and architect. Experience in the types of sprinklers for firefighting, Automatic Sprinkler System Design, And Degree of hazard for the building.

Mechanical Engineer At Mechanical Construction Company“ El Bedaya

HVAC work not mechanical work only. But Mechanical, Plumping, Electrical, Electronic tasks and activities. This helped me to gain different experiences. Familiar with All Tools, equipments and materials which used in the various maintenance processes. Mechanical Engineer at Mechanical Construction Company“ El Bedaya”‘ Egypt' HVAC & Firefighting system:- Heat load calculations, Heat loss calculations following ASHRAE Standards. Air Distribution System by Velocity Reduction Method Equal Friction Method. ESP Calculation for Fans & Blowers.


Airways HAMAD International Airport Facilities Management Department‘ Qatar
Currently Working at Mechanical Engineer Qatar ':- Handling for HVAC units and equipment“ corrective& preventive maintenance”(Chillers-Centrifugal, Screw, Reciprocating-, AHU, FCU, CRAC, Pumps, Cooling Towers, Package unit, Cold Rooms). Supervision and monitor the process of maintenance and operation of mechanical & HVAC equipment in HIA which daily done. Implementing the weekly scheduled Preventive maintenance in the most efficient manner, reducing time and effort. Participation daily meeting to discuss the safety and maintenance process“ problems and ways to solve”. Presenting Daily Report about“ Maintenance & Operation” Process. Implementation of the plan“ maintenance and safety” of the units Active 100%.