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Mohamed Swydan

Sr.Mechanical Engineer-Estimation


I have worked in projects of budget which is more than 8 billion USD in diversified industries like commercial buildings, airports, medical cities, hospitals, oil a& gas, utilities …etc.

Working within multinational and national companies, and studied projects in different countries with different Continents

Sample of Expertise Areas are listed below

  • [Non-Technical] Cost Estimation, tendering, Planning, Cost Control, Bids and Contracts, Scheduling using Primavera P6, Procurement
  • [Technical] HVAC, Firefighting, Plumbing, Waste to energy, Solar PV, Power generation, Flare gas Recovery, Solar Cooling, TIAC, ORC, Gas to Power, Gas Processing

Work History

January 2016Up-till Now

Project Manager


Responsible for delivering projects against agreed scope, budget, schedule & customer expectations. Doing this whilst supervising, directing & motivating teams of multi-discipline contractors & employees.

  • Establish Detailed Project Charter
  • Develop Project High level Structure
  • Human Resources Recruitment for key subordinate’s positions
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Identify the Scope
  • Define the WBS, Activities and milestones for planning team
  • Define Cost Control procedure and Flow Chart for orders
  • Resources Management Plan
  • Define the Project budget including Direct and indirect costs
  • Establish Communication plan
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Plan the Procurement Procedures
  • Direct and Manage Project Work according to the plan and monitor the deviations
  • Take corrective actions against deviation
  • Conduct Procurement
  • Manage Communication between project Stakeholder
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
  • Check the project CPI, SPI deviation reasons
  • Tackle the cash flow deficient predicted reasons
January 2016Up-till Now

Engineering Projects Estimation and Proposals Team Leader

  • Identify Team Goals, Strategies and measures
  • Supervise Estimation and Proposal Team Daily works
  • Review the client enquiry and review the documents that supports project Study
  • Prepare a SOW Division and arrange appropriate needed activities
  • Arrange the Energy Survey if needed to be sure about the Client’s needs
  • Prepare Technical-Commercial Comparative analysis
  • Select the best CAPEX and Estimate the OPEX as a part of the Prepare Techno-Economical Studies
  • Check The IRR, NPV and Payback Period after studying the Total Cost of Ownership
  • Present the Output solutions that leads to best economic Situation for both the client and funding vehicles (bank and Equity)
  • Searching and adding Tools that serves
  • Continuous improvement of the team tools and skills
Mar 2014December 2015

Sr.Mechanical Engineer-Estimation

Drake & Scull International PJSC
    • Expertise Area HVAC,Firefighting and Plumbing Trades.
    • Supervise Quantity Surveyors ,Estimators and Engineers .
    • Receive Tender documents (Invitation for tender,General Conditions,Special Conditions, (SOW),Agreement Form,Drawings , Specification and Bill of Quantities or Schedule of rates) pertaining to Mechanical and Electrical works.
    • Review the tender documents and ensure that all data required for pricing (Direct and indirect Costs)are available in the documents.
    • Prepare technical queries (RFI) such as, details, missing documents pertaining to the tender.
    • Send inquiries (RFQ and RFP) to the specified/non-specified suppliers and Subcontractors for materials , equipment and Design.
    •  Follow up and receive Proposals from various suppliers and/Or Subcontractors.
    • Evaluate the supplier Proposal against the tender requirements such as capacity, quantity,specifications, deviations, etc. Make Technical/Commercial Comparative analysis of all quantities &Select the optimum offer against
    • Arrange to get the quantity take-off from the drawings according to the project BOQ through the Assistant Estimators.
    • Prepare a Costing & PC Brief for the works, highlighting the value of all equipment / material.
    • Tender adjudication with the Estimation and Procurement Manager.
    • Prepare the BOQ for final submission to the Client/Main Contractor.
    • Keep a close watch on the proceedings through supplier relationship.
    • Prepare value Engineering proposals.
    • Revise the costing for the post tender clarifications received.
    • Prepare final contract BOQ based on the agreed contract value.
                              Dec 2012Mar 2015

                              Estimation Engineer-Mechanical

                              Drake & Scull International PJSC
                              • Verify and review specifications and drawings. ·
                              • Prepare Vendor List
                              • Prepare RFI (for any missing documents, drawings, specs. or any required Clarifications).
                              • Prepare take off for major item.
                              • Review Take-off from Quantity Surveyors.
                              • Prepare Material Enquiry Packages for each item (Specifications, Drawings & BOQ).
                              • Prepare RFI Summary Status Report.
                              • Prepare Material Enquiry Status Report.
                              • Following up with suppliers (as per material Enquiry status report).
                              • Prepare comparison sheets of material prices from suppliers
                              • Preparing project cost program
                              • Prepare Mechanical Projects Value engineering proposals
                              • Manage Quantity Surveyors Developing Program
                              Sep 2011Nov 2012

                              Estimation Engineer (Tendering Engineer )

                              • HVAC Projects technical and Commercial Study.
                              • Firefighting Projects technical and Commercial Study.
                              • Plumbing Projects technical and Commercial Study.
                              • Absorption System Chillers Solution providing.
                              • Screw System Chillers Solution providing.
                              • Cooling Load Estimation by HAP Software.
                              • Provide Absorption System Training
                              Feb 2009Aug 2011

                              Technical Engineer

                              • Proposing effective Balancing solution for HVAC Pipeline Network [Including balancing valves sizing calculations].
                              • Provide detailed piping system material take-off.
                              • Provide technical Training on Firefighting Devices.
                              • Provide Training programs on Hydraulic Balancing and Grooved Systems.
                              • Make the technical suggestion and technical selection for Vibration isolators.


                              Jan 2014May 2015

                              PRMG-Project Management Diploma (Cumulative Grade Excellent)

                              The American University in Cairo
                              • PRMG 025: Project Management International Standards  (Grade A= 4/4-Excellent) (Ranked#1 on class).
                              • PRMG 080: Project Bids and ContractsFIDIC Models(Grade B+=3.33/4 -Excellent).
                              • PRMG 035: Cost Management for Engineering Project (Grade B=Very Good).
                              • PRMG 055: Procurement Management(Grade A= 4/4-Excellent) (Ranked#1 on class).
                              • PRMG 015: Project Human Resource Management.(Grade A= 4/4-Excellent)(Ranked#1 on class).
                              • PRMG 030: Project Budgeting and Financial Control (Grade B=Very Good).
                              • CAEN 011: PRIMAVERA P6 Project Management. (Continue Education)
                              • PRMG 075: Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP Prep) (Grade A= 4/4-Excellent) (Ranked#1 on class).
                              May 2003Jul 2008

                              Bachelor of Engineering

                              Ain Shams University

                              Studied Mechanical Power Engineering

                              • Graduation Grade : Good
                              • Graduation project : District Cooling (Design of Air Conditioning Plant which supplies chilled water to satisfy the demand of buildings on SMART Village extension involving (Pipe Lines network, Heat Exchangers, Expansion Tanks , Pumps, Absorption Chillers And Cooling Towers Selection ) .
                              • Graduation Project supervisors: Dr. ALAA OLAMA & Dr. HANY OLAMA
                              Jan 2000Jan 2003

                              High School (Cumulative Grade : 97%)


                              High School in Mathematical scientific Stream 



                              Memory Enhancement

                              Buzan England
                              Memory Enhancement Techniques Defining Memory

                              Project Management Fundamentals


                              Project Bids and Contracts

                              American University in Cairo
                              Project Bids and Contracts including FIDIC Models

                              Project Management international Standards

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO

                              Project Management international Standards (PMBOK 5)


                              PRIMAVERA P6 Project Management

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO
                              PRIMAVERA P6 Software for  Project Management

                              Procurement Management

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO
                              Procurement Management

                              Cost Management For Engineering Management

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO
                              Cost Management For Engineering Management
                              Jul 2015

                              Project Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP Preparation)

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO
                              Jan 2015May 2015

                              Project Budgeting and Financial Control

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO
                              Jan 2015May 2015

                              HR for Project Mnagers

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO
                              May 2014May 2015

                              PRMG (Project Management Professional Program)

                              AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO

                              Professional Program Covers Project Management different Areas


                              Professional Trainings and seminar

                              • PRMG-030 Project Budgeting and Financial Control (American University in Cairo)
                              • PRMG-015 Human Resources for Project Management (American University in Cairo)
                              • PRMG-075 Project Planning and Scheduling Professional Preparation (PSP preparation)(American University in Cairo)
                              • CAEN-011 PRIMAVERA P6 Project Planning (American University in Cairo)
                              • CCE/CCP/CCC Preparation Course (American University in Cairo)
                              • PRMG-055 Procurement Management (American University in Cairo)[Grade A=4/4=Excellent]
                              • PRMG-025 Project Management International Standards (American University in Cairo) [Grade A-4/4=Excellent] [Ranked #1 on the class ](Accredited from AACEI)
                              • PRMG-080 Project Bids and Contracts (American University in Cairo) [Grade B+=3.33/4=Excellent]
                              • PRMG-035 Project Cost Management (American University in Cairo) [Grade B=Very Good]
                              • FIDIC Models Seminar and research
                              • 7 Habits for Highly Effective People (LTC certificate)
                              • Mind Mapping/Memory Enhancement (Buzan England certified)
                              • PMP (Project Management Professional) Preparation (SAMA‐Dr.Abdelalim‐Egyptian Engineering Syndicate Certified)
                              • Project Management Fundamentals (Lynda Online training)
                              • Leadership seminar under supervision of Scope.
                              • Network marketing and basic skills at Olympic Electric Company Under supervision of BIZNAS team.
                              • Project management session in P&G company .under supervision of SIFE team.
                              • Leadership seminar produced by Shell Company under supervision of ACES team.
                              • Presentation skills produced by Schneider Electric Company.
                              • Interviewing skills produced by KELMA Company.
                              • Stress Management, Negative Emotions and who moved My Cheese by ZEDNY team.
                              • Change Management by ZEDNY

                              Extra-Curriculum Activities

                              • Einstein [AUC]-American university in Cairo for Brain Power

                              A competition to  invoke Accepted participants creative minds and promote their critical thinking capabilities .

                              My Role is to : Train The accepted participants to increase Brain power.

                              • ·EYE 2011, Academic Committee Adviser [Alumni Council] 

                              Engineering yields Economy and Economy Yields Engineering. Alumni Council

                              My Role is to : Train the new High board member .specially the technical section (Moderators and trainers) and Support EYE strategic plan Building for the next 5 years

                              • ·SPE 2009, BP Trainer

                              Society of Petroleum Engineers [International Organization –Egyptian Chapter] 

                              My Role is to : Train the participants on  Brain Power developing .Using the right and left brain and enhancing the creativity.

                              • EYE 2008, Academic Committee Moderator [Trainer] 

                              Engineering yields Economy and Economy Yields Engineering. 300 (Workshop) which interests mainly with Marketing Concepts and Creativity in fast Business.

                              My Role was : As a High Board Member and a trainer, Responsibilities started from planning the material handled and passing through designing the tests and Interviewing 150 participants Till conducting the Two months session containing monitoring, crisis Management, leading, motivating, problem solving situations as a head of 80 Stakeholder

                              • MECA 2008 [IPR & REC committee]

                              MECA academy Event with co-operation with Schneider Electric company. Internal Public and Reception member HR module Participant.

                              My Role Was : Communicating the message of MECA Academy for MECA Stakeholders.

                              • ACES 2007 Mind`s Codex Workshop [Creativity ]

                              The Third Annual Conference for Engineering Students. Mind Codex Workshop which covers topics like Marketing Principles, Lateral thinking, Vertical thinking, Team building, Leadership, Interpersonal skills, Presentation skills and  Brainstorming Techniques.

                              My Role Was : Participant and follower 

                              • SIFE 2007 International [Egypt Chapter]

                              Student in Free Enterprise conference Contains teams from different colleagues making a projects through integrating Their skills and technical knowledge in Finance, Legal issues, Marketing, Design.

                              Personal Data

                              • Birth Date/Place  : 21 APRIL 1986 in Cairo 
                              • Nationality : Egyptian 
                              • Driving Licence :  KSA and Egypt