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Mohamed Rahamtalla

 Perfected do what I say


Graduate of Omdurman Ahlia University Computer Science Department of my interest in the position towards the world of marketing and sales in all its details, and I find myself in this field.

Work experience

11/2013to 7/2015

sham tech comp
Marketing and Sales Manager to work Cham Tech and name partner

1/8/2010 to 30/5/2012

balance genral for tead comp
Sales representative

1/10/2009 to 30/5/2010

 Center Khartoum State Information
Supervision and maintenance of networks and follow-up data management

7/7/2007 to 30/9/2009

zain sudan
Office subscribers Khartoum Kuku nautical Services Office and the Office of Marine Street Foundation (Almaonh)


Diploma Three years

Omdurman Ahlia University
Department of Computer Science

Text Section

You can refer to the
mr\ saeed abdalgader saeed zain comp 0912309393 
Mrs\ alia alnoor  zain comp 0912393041