Mohamed Marzok

Work experience

Work experience
2013 - 2015


Teacher- Languages: English good Skills: Computer skills› Microsoft windows› Microsoft Office› Linux› Photoshop› Specific softwares: Visual Basic,, sql. byhttp:/
2011 - 2013

Assistant Researcher

Egyptian Center For Theoretical Physic
Assistant Researcher-ECTP has been founded in Nov. 2008. Its basic mission is to promote research in high energy physics, cosmology, applied mathematics and computational sciences. It is the first research center in Egypt that has been recognized as" Center of Excellence". ECTP is collaborating and willing to intensify joint research projects with leading Egyptian and foreigner scholars and research institutions. The ECTP kindly acknowledges the broadminded support from domestic-and world-leading funding agencies, organizations and individuals.


2011 - 2015


Faculty of science Department-Ain-Shams University Sublect
2004 - 2007


Faculty of science Al Azhar University