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Work experience

Jun 2013Aug 2013


Vodafone Egypt

I was a trainee in vodafone egypt in internship program 2013, i had
visited all the departement in the company for example finance
departement,customer care,marketing,workforce,social media,human
Rate performance: Exceeding expectations.
Certificate URL:



Faculty Of Engineering, Ain shams university

I am a student in computer and control systems departement in  my 3rd year.
Grade: Good


Android development
Familiae with Linux OS
Software development


Quiz app is a simple app that help in the process of e-learning,its idea based on the instructor that
upload the quiz to a server (in our case is online server) then students can take the uploaded quiz and
submit it again besides they know their marks immediately, the instructor can create group of students
and upload a specifc quiz for them, the quiz may be a multible choice, true or false, the app has the
ability to show a statistics of the results of the students.
I began this project without any knowledge of android development except my knowledge in JAVA
language, i and my team start researching on that topic, we started an online course (Udacity website)
the we start to design our app to implement it.
Course website :!/c-ud853/l-1395568821/m-1604029757
Our project is conducted beyond our class curriculum, my score in that project is 19 out of 20 besides
the documentation of the project including the design, analysis (use cases, class diagram) was
my responsibility.

App URL:

Erkenly(windowsphone app) which it help people to know different places
to park thier cars, it is a platform where a car owner can use it to know
the nearest place to park.

Calculator program: a simple program that based on datastructures using STACKS that take infix expression convert it to postfix expression then make the calculation


I was a member in student activit called "ACES" in the college, i was resposible for a workshop called
"Node" which concerns on networking,internet protocols