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Design, Construction Management,

co-ordinating construction opérations,Management Contracting .

marketing and sales 


Nov 2015Mar 2016

Technical sales support

Lafarge concrete Algeria

-Searching for new clients who might benefit from Lafarge concrete products and maximizing client potential in designated regions.
-Developing futur relationships with clients, through managing and interpreting their requirements.
-Providing pre-sales technical assistance and product education.
-Preparing reports for head office and keeping customer records.
-Meeting regular sales targets and coordinating sales projects.
-Supporting marketing activities.
-Making technical presentations and demonstrating how a product meets client needs.

Apr 2012Nov 2015

Site architecte

cosider construction company

Since july2013 to November2015: Office Building Project (high rise) in Bab-Zouar, New CBD Algiers.
- Since April2012 to March2013: Housing project
(1007 apartments) in Shaoula, Algiers:

-Undertaking periodic site inspectionsof construction work in progress and upon completion for adherence to plans and specifications.- advise contractor on the interpretation of plans and specifications.
- approve minor design changes in the course of construction.
-review contractor’s requests for payment.
-Responsible for supporting contractor’s architectural studies, development of design, preparation of reports, calculations, and detailed design and constructionshop drawings.
-Managing and supervising subordinate personnel in supporting contractor’s design development and technical review of the same.
-Involved in the signing and sealing of plans, obtaining permits for construction, and the review of plans and specifications submitted by consultants and contractors.
-Conducting field surveys; developing designs and plans for buildings and facilities.
-Preparing sketches, working drawings and construction plans; and supporting preparation of cost estimates.
-Providing technical consultations for interdisciplinary analytical studies, analyses and coordination Client liaison for review and recommendations in connection with contractor’s design
-Review of ongoing design elements by the architect and other third party design consultants, and recommendation to the client in connection with the same.

Nov 2011Apr 2012

Architect designer

S.Z agency for architecture and urban design

-create architectural drawings based on building specifications ,calculations and sketches
-prepare detailed architectural drawings for all kinds of construction projects
-visit construction sites to collect measurments and dimenions as needed
-participate in the developpement of the project team structure ,composition and the project plan with the project manager .
-conduct interviews with clients to confirm their requirements and ensure that all design facets of the projects are correctly scoped .
-prepare 3D visualisation projects for clients to understand the final vision of the project and establish the necessary modification in time .


Jun 2011

State Architect bachelor degree

high school of architecture and urban design of Algier