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Work experience

Nov 2011Present

Director of Marketing

AlYaum Holding

General description of the job:

Restructuring the Marketing Department & redefining the marketing goals by which the corporate would lead the market in the Eastern Province in Saudi Arabia.

Areas of responsibility and functions:

Strategy: Creating a new corporate vision through which Marketing would formulate new strategic & tactical plans by which AlYaum would enhance its corporate image & increase subscription, sales, market share, readership.


  • Launching the new Corporate Identity:
  • Contacted a number of international Agencies to pitch for the CID project
  • Interviewed then Evaluated the shortlisted agencies
  • Planned the project with the approved agency.
  • Project Milestones:
    • Brands Assessment
      • Set Project Scope clearly
      • Review current internal & external research
      • Visual & Communication Audit
      • Conduct brands realization workshops
      • Competitor benchmark studies
      • Stakeholder interviews
      • Insights & Opportunities presentation
    • Brands Architecture
      • Brands pros & Cons workshops
      • Brands Strategy & Positioning
        • Brands Strategies:
          • Brands Vision
          • Brands Mission
          • Brands Values
          • Brands Essence
          • Brands Promise
        • Brands Positioning:
          • Target definition, points of reference, points of difference & reasons to believe
        • Brands Marques & logos development
          • Create Brands Marques
            • Explore brands identity concepts then exploration
            • Brands Marques workshops with brand steering committees
          • Create Brands visual systems
          • Create Brands guidelines and artwork development
          • Launching the 50 Years (golden Jubilee) Events & Celebrations:
        • 50 years logo, slogan & complete theme & Identity
        • Planning then Launching 50 Years Events:
          • Opening Ceremony event under the patronage of his highness Prince Saoud, Prince of Eastern Province
          • Launching the new corporate identity in the event
          • Organizing the whole event:
            • VIP reception
            • Airlines, hotels, VIP transportation,
            • Dinner
            • Program Agenda
            • VIP Gifts
            • Prince Gift
          • Launching AlYaum documentary two movies
          • Media Seminar with Famous Key Speakers under the patronage of the minister of Culture & Information
          • Launching 7 new supplements for the occasion
          • Launching a Communication Center for the main celebrations events
          • Launching a full & Integrated marketing campaign: TV, Radio, Print Outdoor, Social Media (FB, Twitter, Youtube, instagram, keek, etc…)
          • Launching AlYaum 50 years Book
          • Launching a big Subscription Campaign
          • Planning & Developing Promotional Campaigns:
        • Increase individual Subscriptions
        • Double commercial Subscriptions
        • Double Government Subscriptions
        • Planning & Developing Newspaper Sales:
        • Re-plan & supervising distribution channels
        • Opening new POS
        • Rezoning of distribution channels
        • Developing POS LSM
        • Analysing Market & industry trends:
          • Increasing market share
          • Increasing readership (print)- viewership (digital)
          • Analysing competition activities
          • Restructuring Call Center:
          • Redefining call center role through clear annual plan
          • Planning recruitment, career path & staff training
          • Running surveys
          • Updating customers’ data
          • Introducing new oracle application for agents
          • Redefining inbound & outbound activities
          • Enhancing quality in terms of higher customer satisfaction
          • Building new database for individual, commercial & governmental sectors
          • Activating advertising based on annual marketing plans:
          • ATL Activities:
            • Increasing brands’ awareness
            • Enhancing co-branding
            • Enhancing corporate & brands’ image
            • Planning & introducing new corporate image
            • Publishing Editorial and Advertorial Releases
            • Launching new editorial developments
            • Launching new social media activities & presence
            • Increasing media coverage
            • Launching integrated TV, Radio, digital, print, outdoor, sms…. Campaigns
            • Contracting an international creative agency
          • BTL Activities:
            • Developing POS materials
            • Developing mall activities
            • Activating events
            • Developing new & effective market research plans:
          • Restructuring marketing research section
          • Running new research:
            • CS research
            • Characteristics & product development research
            • POS audit research
            • Distribution Audit
            • Media research
            • Readership research
            • Market share research
            • Retail outlet census research
          • Successfully launched the individual Subscription Campaign with a growth of 45% in new customers for two consecutive years 2012- 2013.
          • Successfully Launched Phase one of the CRM application for Call Center, Subscriptions, and distribution

Subscriptions & Distribution:


  • Subscriptions:
    • Restructure the Subscription section
    • Increase Individual Subscriptions (in marketing section)
    • Plan, execute, evaluate Government Subscription sales including offers
    • Plan, execute, evaluate Commercial Subscription sales including offers
    • Draw Process maps for Subscriptions on CRM
    • Hire & evaluate a new team for the subscriptions



  • Distribution:
    • Restructure the distribution section
    • Plan then Launch a barcode/ RFID new system for distribution
    • Distribution lines re-engineering
    • Point of sales monitoring
    • Print order daily monitoring
    • Complaints recovery monitoring
    • Draw Process maps for Distribution on CRM
    • Daily follow-up with our printing press
    • Box Installation Process
Oct 2009Oct 2011

Director of Marketing

AlAhly for Real Estate Development Co

General description of the job:

Establish the Marketing Sector and strategically plan, ensure execution and following up (through subordinates, section heads and departments managers) on marketing & Brand Development activities, events and promotional campaigns.

Areas of responsibility and functions:

  • Strategy: Establish the Marketing Sector (Including: Department Structure, Staff job descriptions, Staff Hiring, Staff Evaluation, Staff Career Path with Salary Scale and Staff one year Training plan: marketing Department, Public Relations Department, Call Center, Customer Service Department )
  • Planning & Developing Promotional Campaigns: Feed the annual marketing plan with tactical promotional campaigns to increase Units Sold.
  • Market and industry analysis:

Strategically identify opportunities & Threats

  • External PR:
  • Providing strong PR strategy
  • Enhancing Brand Image
  • Maintaining Brand Guidelines internally & externally
  • Creating Media Relations
  • Publishing Editorial and Advertorial Releases
  • Developing Current Web Site, creating new websites for projects & developing digital Strategies
  • Hosting & Organizing Corporate Events
  • Creating annual Exhibitions & Fairs calendar & sponsorship plans
  • Internal PR:
  • Publishing internal Newsletter (Print & electronic) & Magazine
  • Establishing Call Center:
  • Applying new system
  • Filtering data bank
  • Training Agents through:
  • Activating tele Sales
  • Registering & following up on Complaints
  • Updating Existing Date base
  • Running Surveys

Strategically turn the Call Center from a cost center to a profit center

  • Advertising: Plan, Execute & follow up on advertising campaigns based on the annual Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Research:        Develop Annual research plan and accordingly analyze results through clear vision & complete    

       supervision to Marketing Research Unit

  • Achieved 140% of target for Amwaj Project (Residential)
  • Achieved 200% of target for Piacerra Project (Residential)
  • Successfully launched a new corporate identity
  • Successfully launched the Call Center for the first Time in AlAhly for Real Estate Development Co.
  • Launched the newsletter for employees
  • Launched magazine for our projects, real estate, Furnature & decoration articles for our customers
  • Established Media relations with print like AlAhram & AlMasry AlYaum, Daily News Egypt and others, TV Channels like Dream, ElMehwar with interviews for CEO
  • Launched Arabic & English press releases
  • Launched 3D floor plans for all projects
  • Launched walk through animation videos for projects
  • Launched promotional 3D Animation videos for projects
  • Participated in developing &/or amending Projects master plans
  • Participated in Next Move Real Estate Exhibition in 2010 with all preparation
  • Event Booth design, production
  • Event Marketing Materials, sales kits
  • Event documentation
  • Media & documentary movies
  • Successfully launched Platinum Club Project
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Participated in masterplan design phase
  • Project complete logo & Identity launch
  • Signage design
  • Real Madrid Academy launch
  • BTL Materials including Sales & marketing 3D materials
Sep 2007Oct 2009

Marketing Manager

AlYaum Media House

General description of the job:

Establish the Marketing Department for the three publications and strategically plan, ensure execution and following up (through subordinates, and section heads) on marketing activities, events and promotional campaigns.

Areas of responsibility and functions:

  • Strategy: Establish the Marketing Department (Including: Department Structure, Staff job descriptions, Staff Hiring, Staff Evaluation, Staff Career Path with Salary Scale and Staff one year Training plan

provide a 5 year vision to Dar AlYaum and prepare the Annual marketing plan

  • Plan & Develop Promotional Campaigns:
  • Market and industry analysis:
  • External PR:
  • Establishing Call Center:

Applying new system, recruting Staff, developing annual plan

  • Advertising & Media Relations: Establish new and strong long relationships with media houses, Advertising Agencies, Internet, Radio and Local & sattelite channels.
  • AlMobawaba & Magazines, Supplements re-positioning:

Creating brand identity, positioning for AlMobawaba (Classified)and accordingly relaunching the brand.

Tasks include:

  • Launch New Corporate Identity (Develops the corporate Portfolio)
  • Work closely with Subscription & Distribution Department to enhance

   Distribution Lines & Zoning

  • Brands Positioning – Image- Market Share & Readership- Pricing
  • Increase number of subscribers & circulation
  • Develop current website & Use technological tools to reach higher potential


  • Launched “Everyone is a winner” promotional subscription campaign
  • Achieved 300% growth in Subscriptions
  • 200% increase in news subscribers
  • First time launching fully integrated marketing campaign: TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print, etc
Apr 2001Sep 2007

Assistant Regional Director of Marketing- GCC

  • Increasing Brands Awareness & loyality
  • Developing ALL advertising campaigns for KFC, Hardee’s & TGI Friday's in GCC
  • Identifyinng, negotiating and managing strategic planning for Hardee’s Brand allover GCC countries and building strategic relationships with International Hardee’s Team
  • Launching & Pricing new products
  • Supervising execution of campaigns & programs allover GCC
  • Developing marketing plans & annual Calendars for Hardee’s allover GCC
  • Incharge of Hardee’s (29 Stores), Baskin Robbins (35 Stores) Brands Marketing in Kuwait
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Developing marketing reports
  • Incharge of Tikka, Wimpy, Sbarro Brands Marketing in Kuwait
  • Successfully Launched new category line: Gourmet Burgers & Chicken Sandwiched
  • Successfully Launched Onion Rings in Hardee’s as new Product in GCC, Egypt, Jordan & Lebanon
  • Successfully achieved 100% increase in Sales in KFC in “Peel n Win” 2004 when launching the Jaguare cars main prize.
  • Participated in receiving Americana Marketing team for Yearly global awards for 6 consequtive years from Hardee’s International & Yum Marketing (KFC)

·       Hardee’s & Baskin Robbins Brand Manager