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I am a post graduated Students doing my master in Nuclear Engineering at Technical University in Catalonia, Barcelona,Spain. I did my bachelor study at The British University in Egypt in cooperation with London south bank university(LSBU) in chemical Engineering with grade 83% and hope to get a position as a nuclear engineer and finishing my master  degree in March,2016.  I am really a motivated person with leadership skills and teamwork spirit.

Work experience

Dec 2015Mar 2016

2- Taking a Technical Training Internship focused on “practical aspect of (VVER)WWER NPP technology and control”

Moscow Engineering Physics Institute

I get a practical training in a simulator such as a control room in real nuclear power plant for 200 hours to know how to operate the Russian nuclear reactor type in safely way and how to control in various cases such as emergency case  and beyond design basis accidents.

Jul 2015Nov 2015

1- Doing my master Thesis in “Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) for PWR Nuclear Power Plant”.

Technical University of Catalonia

I am working on Probabilistic safety assessment which is related to Safety aspects  for nuclear power plant in Spain called ASCO. The aim of my work is to study and analysis the different components in plant and determine the number of failures could be happened by Risk Spectrum program, hence establish a statistical methodology to determine which technique will be more convenient for our components analysis during operation and maintenance.  

Jun 2012Aug 2012

Academic Training in Batch Reactor design and its applications

University of Pretoria

I worked on various applications for Batch Reactor type, especially in Pharmaceutical Industry which use it in many process because of its high abilities in efficiency, accuracy and the required amount of production. I worked on how to overcome on its drawbacks during processes and raise its efficiency as well.

Jun 2011Sep 2011

Academic Training in Catalysts and Fuel Cycle

South Caroline University

I worked on Fuel Cell Project and in particular which used Hydrogen gas as fuel.
I worked also on using different kinds of catalysts which related to Chemical reactions and its application.


Sep 2014Mar 2016

Master degree in Nuclear Engineering

Technical University of Catalonia

I am studying in deeply Nuclear power plants from commissioning until decommissioning stages and concentrate on Operation  stage and how to operate Pressurized Water Reactor type in safely way as a nuclear engineer. Within this program, we took 60% of lectures from professional industrial nuclear companies such as Tecnatom for operation, ENUSA for Nuclear fuel industry and CSN for safety aspects and regulation. I also visited many Nuclear Power plants in Spain and my master thesis about Probabilistic Risk analysis.

Sep 2008Jun 2013

Environmental Chemical Engineering

London South Bank University

I am studying well a chemical engineering courses and know how to the advanced process in many industry work on such as pharmaceutical industry and all the processes related to food industries. I also took a courses related to environmental such as water, air pollution and waste management. 


Technical: I Can work on these programmes (Origen, Relap5, Mat lab,
Micro-shield, Aspen-Hysis, PENELOPE, Mont Carlo Methods) .
Interpersonal: I Can Speak English(Fluently), French(Elemantary),
Spanish(Elementary), Arabic(Native)