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Career Summary

With more than 14 years of diverse experience including huge

    involvement in Planning , Design, Administration ,Support ,Troubleshooting and Mngt. of

Data / Voice & Telecom infrastructure ,Significant experience was acquired 

Success Stories were made in the Design,Implementation, optimization,IT Audits ,

Compliance & Risk Assessment / Mitigation  of  associated Technologies for both Data Center

and Enterprise associated Network infrastructure

     Furthermore experienced in Unified Communications, Vendor &

SLA Management Disaster Recovery & BCP planning,Routing migrations, Network

  Security & Devices hardening ,WAN Management & optimization, utilizing ITIL

Best practices in Service, Design,Transition & Operation Phases,

in addition to KPI's / Policies Creation & Establishment across a

wide variety of organizational domains.

Team player, working through innovative solutions , regularly looking for new challenges to tackle& 

targeting effective approaches towards achieving required results within the required time frames.

On the other hand, on the Academic level ,successfully Achieved multiple certifications :


Previous Positions held include :IT Network Manager in both ABU-DHABI Islamic

& MASHREQ Banks in addition to Technical support Team Leader role in Orange Business

Services (France Telecom), Currently an IT Network Analyst / SME in Qatargas,

yet moving between Canada and Qatar till I can Secure the  appropriate  Job in  Canada to Support  my/ my Family’s stay as confirmed Permanent Canadian residents

Main Skills acquired through Managerial  &Technical roles : 

                  A) IT Infrastructure Planning, Design, Implementation, Testing & Optimization

B)Vendor Management and Service Level Agreements

C)Risk Management,Assessment and Mitigation

D)Budgeting and Capacity Planning

E)People and individuals performance Management

F)Change Management and ITIL process -driven procedures

Main Technologies ,Platforms & Protocols worked on during my career: :

 A)  Routing &  WAN :ASR’s (IOS-XE),ISR’s ,28 /29/38/39 routers  ,IPSEC /GRE tunneling ,

Frame Relay, Policy Based Routing, RIPV2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, QOS,Inter VLAN routing, VPNs,

MLPPP, ,MPLS ,VRFs,Dark Fiber, STM’s., E1’s, IPLCs, VSAT, 3G /GSM based networks.

 B ) Switching & LAN : (37/29/38)Switches ,  (IOS/ IOS-XE),45 switches , 65/68 Switches ,

 Nexus 9K, 7K / 5K / 2K (NX-OS), VLANs, .1Q trunking,Port channeling,  MEC, VSS , VPC, VDC ,

L2 QOS,HSRP, STP, VTP, SNMP ,TCP/IP protocols,Associated SEIM Monitoring (Q Radar)

 C) Security & Hardening : CISCO NAC ,CISCO ISE (802.1X / MAB ),ACS, ASA’s ,d ACL’s

 D) Voice & Video : UC,VOIP, QOS,CISCO Call Manager, Cisco Unity ,CISCO / AVAYA IP phones ,

  Tandberg and Polycom Video Conference Devices and IP Cams.

 E) Wireless:  WiFi, CISCO MSE (Mobility Service Engine),CISCO WirelessControllers & AP’s,

   VSAT ,WiMAX,GSM/3G  IP terminated networks 

 F) Management ,optimization & Others : HP NA ,HP NNM, LANCOPE NetFlow , Riverbed, 

 NTP Appliances,CISCO MSE (mobility Service Engine),CISCO PRIME ,Blue Coat Packetshaper,

 Solarwinds (NCM ,NPM, & IPAM) ,F5 load Balancer ,DHCP,TCP/IP, AAA,DNS, SFTP /TFTP ,
TCP / IP & Associated Windows Servers   Access permissions  Administration,Telecom Systems support 

Major Career Success Stories ,Projects & Achievements

A) Operational & Technical Related :

1)RasGas & Qatargas Integration (4th Quarter 2017 till date):Integrating the Data Centers layout ,Enterprise Network ,WAN locations ,Routing ,VOIP infrastructure  ,ISE /Access policies ,Wireless & associated Baseline ,policies ,procedures and documentation of two of the largest Gas/LNG producers in the world ,including creating totally parallel ACI Ready /Nexus 9K based Data center and DC LAN Extension between Different DC's using Dark Fiber and Nexus 7K and 9K spines 

2) The First & Only Credit Bureau in EGYPT (1st Quarter 2007): My role was to take the Full  Responsibility of the project from the Networking perspective between the Bureau and Its customers , i.e.  to Plan, Design, Implement,Troubleshoot, Monitor, and configure the Routing, High availability ,IPsec tunnels, crypto maps and VPNs between All Egyptian Banks, Leasing and mortgage Companies from BOTH SIDES (double role), to make these entities fully capable of accessing their Customers Credit History as per Central Bank  regulations and rules.

3)MASHREQ Bank - Data Center Implementation ( 2nd  Quarter 2011):  The Design, implementation plan and equipment configuration of the main Data Center Networking devices including High available core switches, routers, extra net & server farm setup and inter-floors network connectivity using copper and fiber cabling.

4)Routing ,Switching & VOIP :Design ,Implementation & High Availability for new Mashreq Bank Branches (3rd Quarter 2009):

Routing (OSPF), Switching & VOIP (including Call Manager & Unity) Design, Implementation,configuration & High Availability for ALL Mashreq Egypt New Branches from scratch, Also Managing various aspects of the project including documentation, post-delivery support model, Vendor SLA Management.

5)Hardware Refresh and Core Re-Design (RasGas: 1st Quarter 2017):

A)Replacing all CISCO End of Life Edge and Distribution Switches in HQ and Plant Area (Around 120 Switches),inducing Baselining ,ISE (802.1X) configuration & Hardening 

B)Re-Design & Implementation of Plant Area Data Center by Converting the 3 Cores Full mesh Design based on 65 Series switches into Triangular  design consisting of NEXUS 7K Core/DC Switch  and two 68 Series Distributions,using  VPC's  and VDC's on New Nexus ,Routing redesign ,port channels, and High Availability of associated Switches  

B)Compliance & Cyber Security  related  :

6)ITRMP  Creation,Compliance implementation of associated Controls  (RasGas :3rd Quarter 2015):Created Full Risk Assessments for all primary Devices and associated Services (like Switching ,Routing ,WAN ,NTP ,Riverbed,etc..) with appropriate Risk possibilities and proper controls to mitigate such risks ,and successfully implemented all controls for all technologies.

Main Skills

Data Center Design , NExus Switches ,VDC's ,VPC's 
Network MONITORING ,Troubleshooting & Optimization
Network Architecture ,Design & IMPLEMENTATION 
ITIL Process,Risk Management ,Compliance ,Policies / PROCEDURES Establishment & Audits
Routing ,SWITCHING ,CISCO ISE , devices' (Hardening & Security)
Vendor, SLA & Quotation Mngt.(Negotiations,BOQ,BOM,Bidding,RFP).
Team Building ,KPI's  and PErformance Management 
VOIP , Unified Communications & Call Manager / UNITY
Disaster Recovery & BCP Planning
Firewalls,ACS, IPS & ASA
Wireless LAN  


  • CISSP- Certified Information Systems Security Professional ,certified.
  • ITIL V3 Foundation- Information Technology Infrastructure Library ,certified.
  • CCNPCisco Certified Network Professional, certified.
  • CCIPCisco Certified Internetwork Professional, certified.
  • CCDPCisco Certified Design Professional, certified.
  • CCDA- Cisco Certified Design Associate ,certified.
  • CCNA- Cisco Certified Network Associate ,certified.
  • Other Single Tests per professional track passed :
  • IUWVN-Implementing  CISCO Unified Wireless Voice Networks  (Part of CCNP WIRELESS)
  • CVOICE-Implementing CISCO UC over Voice over IP and Quality of service (Part of CCNP VOICE )

Work History

IT Network Analyst /SME(Around 4.5 years)

Employer: Qatargas 
Apr 2014Present 

•Design,Implementation,Support ,Risk Assessment ,Compliance and Hardening of Campus ,Data Center & Plant DCS /GE Network and associated devices. 

.Full Vulnerability Management Compliance by doing regular IOS & S/W upgrades and Enabling/ Disabling Features as required to eliminate  risks.

•Succeeded to Manage and provide direction for more Junior Team members and technicians through daily tasks and associated projects within Scope of Work

•Mitigated advanced and complex issues escalated from subordinate Teams and customers

• Applying ITIL best practices in Change Management ,Problem and Incident Management.

• Successfully Finalized  Network Security Risk assessment and associated ,Controls  implementation for associated Technologies  responsible for.

Successfully Created Baselines ,Policies Establishment ,"Health-Check" check lists, Network Diagrams and configuration Guidelines for associated Technologies responsible for

•Ensured that proper Change management & Risk assessment processes are followed as per company policies & procedures

•Working  on complex and business critical IT projects

Immediate addressing of chronic operational networking issues in S/W and H/W immediately by opening associated RMA/TAC cases with CISCO as required and troubleshooting through WebEx sessions.

•Establishing and maintaining effective & ethical working relationships with suppliers & contractors,Multi-tasking, ability to organize and coordinate a variety of activities

•Took different roles in the Work Permit process for tasks inside the Plant as per the Work Management System and Plant Safety layout.

•Enhanced, Developed & maintained consistency of performance and took lead in Providing solutions to technical challenges , issues, and in verifying accuracy of results

Support for Telecom Team and associated infrastructure, Including Access control system, CCTV, and AVAYA based Voice infrastructure.

•Primary S.M.E & Main technical areas responsible for their Design ,Implementation, Monitoring ,Capacity Management ,upgrade, maintenance Compliance Security Hardening and support include but not limited to:

A)Routing , WAN Management & Associated Security Including Products (like: ASR's(IOS-XR) , ISR ,38 Series,28 Series & 29 Series Routers) and Protocols /Technologies like: Policy Based Routing, EIGRP/BGP over MPLS based links, QOS, VPN, GRE/ IPSEC Tunnels, VPNs)

B) LAN Access, Distribution and Core Campus Switching & associated Security including Products (like: 2960X, 3650, 3750, 3850 (IOS-XE), 45XX, 65XX ,68XX,Nexus 2K,5K,7K (NX-OS) series switches), and Protocols /Technologies like: TCP/IP, CISCO ISE (802.1X) on Wired & Wireless infrastructure,HSRP, VSS ,VPC , DHCP layout, Port Security,VOIP,QOS )

C)Wireless LAN layout (Enterprise & Guest  WLAN Controllers , AP’s & Wireless Mobility Service Engine {MSE} )

D)Network Optimization related layout including : Riverbed & Blue Coat PacketShapers

E) NTP, SFTP, AAA / SNMP layout & Management tools (Cisco Prime, Solarwinds {IPAM,NPM & NCM}),  SCOM associated Servers Administration  and Access permission Management ,TCP/ IP based protocols.

F)CISCO Network Optimization Services and associated enhancements and best practice Planning & Implementations

- Secondary SME : ASA, Firewalls, ACS,DMZ / internet facing devices,and F5 Load Balancers 

IT Infrastructure, Network Implementation Manager      (Around 1.5 years )

Employer: Abu-Dhabi Islamic Bank
Jan 2013Apr 2014

• Planning, designing, troubleshooting, installing and configuring data and voice networking devices and technologies including :Nexus, Cisco routers and Switches,TCP/IP, VSS, CISCO ISE implementation on Routers & Switches , Unified Communications ,Call Manager,Unity, Various Communication link types(Fiber Optics /STM1,EFM,FR/v35 based Leased Lines),BGP ,RIPV2 ,EIGRP,F5 Load Balancers, IPSEC,GRE,VPN modules, Riverbed, CISCO WAAS,CISCO Presence, CISCO H/W,3G,Microwave,HP NA ,HP NNM and Cisco Works.

•Successfully addressed Risk Assessments for Associated Technologies/Devices  and implemented appropriate controls  to achieve full compliance successfully as per Cyber Security Guidelines .

•Successfully Planned  overall Network Team strategy ,resource planning ,roles and responsibilities ,associated projects management ,SLA & Vendor Management ,and finally  Achieved  cost optimization targets .

• Reviewed  and Analyzed  selected vendor LAN/WAN ,voice software and hardware products to determine those that meet the Bank’s needs.

• Successfully Monitored performance of the network to identify potential problems and bottlenecks.

• Diagnoses and  permanent Resolution of  LAN/WAN and voice chronic problems.

• Successfully Ensured LAN/WAN and voice environment is Compliant ,secure and appropriate recovery and redundancy issues are addressed

• Provided technical guidance to Service and Support staff or less experienced network engineers

• Made sure ITIL layout is followed properly  for all Network related Activities and associated processes

• Achieving proper incident handling  success factors internally and with vendors 

• Achieved proper Capacity Planning for LAN/WAN lines , Cabling and equipment

• Satisfied  Bank users requirements in availing their network and voice requirements

• Participated effectively  in BCP and DR planning and execution

• Cooperated with other teams to achieve overall Business Goals and projects

• Managed the day-to-day planning, operation and problem-solving so that a team meets the required level of service

• Monitored the team's performance,and provide guidelines for performance  enhancement when  and where possible 

• Monitored individual team members to identify and schedule required training.

• Part of the daily workload is staying close enough to team members to recognize their shortcomings or weaknesses and address these  ASAP.

•Enhancing,  Developing and Maintaining Network related documentation, diagrams, and processes were achieved successfully during this role.

IT Network Engineering Manager/Vice President Assistant

 Employer: Mashreq Bank (Around 4 years )
Jan 2009Jan 2013

Responsible for Network Architecture & ICT planning, aligning network solutions with business Goals, resources allocation and coordination, , configuration and troubleshooting of the DATA,VOICE & ATM machines Network elements and protocols.

 Project Management  & Vendor Management, Tender processes, RFP, Tender evaluation, Contract management, following up with Providers & Integrators to ensure proper delivery of SLAs within the Sphere of responsibility.

•Successful IT Infrastructure related processes and documentation :Low & high level designs , project Charter, BOQ & BOM, Project Plan, Communication Plan , Financial Plan, Data Center & Network Diagrams, Monitoring daily & monthly Reports, Documentation, PIR “Post Implementation Review”

• Made sure That ITIL best Practices are followed in Service Design,Transition and Operations Phases.

 Effective and successful Design,Implementation ,Monitoring & Troubleshooting of ATM machines Network , LAN & WAN protocols including TCP/IP,OSPF, VTP, STP, Frame Relay, IPLC & leased lines E1,MPLS,,IPSEC,GRE,BGP, ACL’s, QOS,HSRP, also NAC, SNMP,NTP, VLANS and InterVLAN routing ,SIP, RTP, CISCO IP phones,IP CAMs, Call Manager, UNITY servers, Voice Gateways, Video conferencing,WAN management & optimization(Riverbed) in addition to DNS,DHCP, TACACS+,AAA layouts,ACS , and management S/W on Windows and Unix based Servers,Telecom Systems support 

Troubleshooting through Telecommunications Technologies including GPRS, GSM and 3.5G networks.

SENIOR Network Admin. (Around 1. years )

Employer: The Egyptian Credit Bureau (Central Bank)
Sep 2007Jan 2009

Network Design, Implementation and secure access (IPSEC) For ALL Egyptian Banks, mortgage, and leasing companies, to be able to access their customer’s credit Reports (located in the Bureau DC) as a perquisite of any Loan or prepaid deal/negotiation with them as per both IFC and Central Bank regulations.

•Achieved the fully successful "Go live" for the first and last credit Bureau in Egypt through effective and proper VPNs Design , Implementation & optimization of VPNs to all Egyptian banks ,mortgage and leasing  companies through different Routing protocols  & technologies including EIGRP, RIPV2, BGP, OSPF and MPLS, WAN and LAN technologies, Fast Ethernet ,Giga Ethernet ,ISDN,IP design, SNMP,VPNs, IPSEC/VPN, Crypto Maps(AES/3DES), HSRP, Route maps, Virtual Templates, Access lists, Offset lists, weighted static & default routers, Switches port security & STP guards

Configuration and troubleshooting of different Layer 2 & WAN Protocols, mostly Frame Relay, ATM and ML PPP.

Configuration  & Cabling of Cisco switches, Routers, and Cisco IP phones.

Providing Technical Support for some servers like FTP, AAA & WEB Servers.
Basic interaction with: Data centers secure design, Juniper firewalls & Switches,  Firewalls, Blue Coat Security Equipments

Shift Team Leader: Cisco Based VSAT Networks Technical Support Team ( Around 3 years )

Employer: Orange Business Services (France Telecom)
Jul 2004Sep 2007

 Successfully leaded both Middle east /Africa  Technical support and VSAT Global support Expert team  to Achieve required KPI's and associated Customer support targets 

  • Provide Layer 1 to Layer 3 Network Technical support for Airlines (90 % of worldwide Airlines  are Orange customers ),by working in a Shift based systems ,hence an expert in Airports and Airlines operations support.
  • Provide Layer 1 to Layer 3 Network Technical support for Very important Global  Customers that Include but not limited to Mastercard,Pepsico,Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Marsek,Standard Charted Bank ,etc...


Arabic (Native)

English (Fluent) :IELTS Band Score 7.5

Career Related TRAINING & COURSES 

  • Extensive VSAT Training, in ORANGE Business Services.
  • ITIL V3 Foundation –Training in Global Knowledge
  • Time Management Skills for IT Professionals Training, in ORANGE Business Services.
  • Customer satisfaction Training, in ORANGE Business Services.
  • CVOICE -Training in SIGMA IT-Egypt
  • CCNDC (Configuring the Cisco Nexus Data Center) ,By CISCO Inc.
  • CISCO ACI: Cisco Application Centric infrastructure, By CISCO Inc.
  • CISCO DNA: Cisco Digital Network Architecture , By CISCO Inc.


Bachelor of Engineering 

Cairo University
Sep 1998Sep 2003

Major : Communication and Electronics

IGCSE (High School)

M.H.S Language School
Sep 1995Jun 1998

High School

Contact Details 

*Canadian Mobile :12897076265

*Qatari Mobile :+97474790411

*Egyptian Mobile :+201223164288