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Mohamd Ibrahim Hamdon

Production Engineer , Printing Tech & Automotive Mechanics


  • Planner, Communicator, Hard worker, Creative, Flexible / Adaptive, Good leadership experience, Problem Solving, high ability of learning new technologies, self-confident.
  • Ability to work Under Supreme pressure to accomplish the assigned goals flawlessly.




Faculty of Engineering Akhbar El-Yom Academy

Bachelor degree in production engineering, Mechanical department, and Printing Technology

Final year grade: Excellent.

Cumulative grade: V. Good.

Graduation project

  • Full Fatigue Testing Machine (FTM) with adjustable load and Influential Moments.
  • Tested material (copper, aluminum and steel).
  • Grade (very good).


  • Summer training at Akhbar El-Yom printing facilities.
  • Summer training at military production in Helwan.
  • Summer training at Lilly for medical production.

Work experience


Mechanical Engineer

Military production
  • Create PPM [plan preventive maintenance] schedule for mechanical planet.
  • monitoring the work procedure.
  • Estimate the maintenance time required before restart.
  • check the and repair the defected automobiles [buses and vehicles] to decrease technicians error.
  • ensure the automotive ppm schedule is applied.
  • shortening reactive maintenance period.

Automotive Mechanical Engineer


HTC technical support

RAYA holding

MEP Engineer

Efs facilities services
  • Leading 5 supervisors to maintain the site assets and achieving the requested performance.
  • Responsible of 62,000 meter cube of water in form of pools and lagoon.
  • Check pools chemical analysis using test kits { TDS, free Chlorine, total Alkalinity, cyanuric  acid, etc}.
  • Installing safety devices to protect the pool's users.
  • check pools safety equipment are fully operate "Earth leakage and LED transformers.
  • Maintain necessary  equipment.
  • Check water production to consumption rate to ensure water level in tanks is not less than customers and work needs.
  • Editing and performing PPM scheduled for all site assets.
  • Ensure performing  PPM schedule by using personal protective equipment.
  • Perform yearly maintenance schedule for 22 KVA medium volt switch gear.
  • Perform yearly maintenance schedule for 29 transformers 22 KVA to 380 V across site.
  • Perform quarterly maintenance schedule for 18 motor pump with 50 HP {35 KW} in 4 water tanks and 2 irrigation tanks.
  • Check utility and infrastructure  condition to enhance it if needed.


Aug 2012Nov 2012

Automotive mechanics


trained by experts to check and fix Automotive technical issues and to perform the needed maintenance to keep the auxiliary parts, motor and gearbox fully operate.

Mar 2012May 2012


Cairo Uni

coursed to use Inventor in design and testing materials/ products before starting the machining process.

Jan 2005Apr 2005


YAT course center 

YAT professional diploma of network.



Computer knowledge


  • Auto-CAD (Basic level).
  • Inventor(Basic level).
  • Mechanical Revit (Basic level).
  • Windows programming & computer maintenance (Basic level) .
  • Good in MS Office information.
  • Good in Internet research information.

Military status

  • Completed: Excellent.