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Oct 2001Aug 2006

Bachelores - Excellent

Applied Science Unversity ASU

Interior design field in ASU was the first collage giving this major in the middle east in the early of 90s . with great principles and concept of achieving and creating the best environment merged with great levels or academic faculties who graduated from  UK, Italy , France, Russia .

and also being able to work with different IDs . such the Arabic, Islamic, Modern, Top art and the ultra modern styles without being far from the friendly environment green designs, 


3D Max - Computer graphics
Marker presentation
Water color
FreeHand skteching
Drawing & Painting


- Leading a great design process in my field

- Developing my skills to the best level during working in the field

- Expressing my self into the design, Leadership abilities and coordination

- Reaching to the unlimited edges of the visualizing, rendering, presentation, simulation reality    with Computer Graphics

- Being able to be a real competitor in the field with the great names in the design field 

- Achieving the message as a Designer of making a better place of living and life style



- Managing and coordination

- Leader ship and organization

- Computer graphics

- Arts

- Models and 3D

- Robots and Cars

- Technology

- Computers and 3D hardware

- Fast typing and shortcuts

- Self learning and developer

- Reading and Writing

- Photography

- Design and graphics

- Cars and Automotive

- Green organizations

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Interior design - projects manager

Hanaya Interior and events consultant

Hanaya interior and events consultant works with 2 fields in design ,

Interior design and events consultant .

Hanaya is the first recommended designer for the Four Seasons hotel in Riyadh- Saudi Arabia

working with hanaya as projects manager

job description:

- staff and design coordination

- design and site director

- projects management

- clients accounts manager and coordinations

- proposals and design process

Apr 2008Dec 2008

Interior designer - Studio & Design Director

Darwasa designs

Darwasa designs works on commercial , hospitality , residential projects

- Studio and design coordination

- Staff and design director and coordination

- Project management

Sep 2007May 2008

Interior designer - Design & Studio Director

SinArc Designs

SinArc Designs works on Commercial , hospitality , residential projects .

- Studio and design director

- staff and design coordination

- projects management

- clients and accounts director

Mar 2007Aug 2007

Interior design - 3D Visualizer and simulations

Arriyadh Development Athuiority

Arriyadh Development Authority is a governmental authority of Riyadh developing process in Architecture, Urban city , rules of the developing , etc .

- I worked in a program which started couple of years ago in 2007 Adderiyah development project

- space planning for some palaces of the old city of adderiyah

- complete renovation

- 3D visualization

- Adding new elements in the old environment suitable with the old

Dec 2006Feb 2007

Interior designer

Yaboos design

Yaboos designs in mainly working on the architectural projects , interior design .

most of the projects are Commercial and retail residential housing

Sep 2006Nov 2006

Interior designer - Training


Decomoon is an interior design,architect and landscape designers .

works with residential, commercial , retail projects . 

classic style and the new classical style .

furniture and lighting programs