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Bachelor of Commerce Division of Accounting 2010 - Alexandria University.

Alexandria University

My Skills

1-Determine the cost of standard products .

2-Cost control standard and actual products through control of production orders daily.

3-Work on Oracle program.

4-Work on the program since the beginning of the SAB activation company.

5-Determine product prices and profitability.

6-adoption of the company's orders to supply spare parts  machines , cars, raw materials , supplies, and measure the extent of its impact on the cost of products.

7-Adoption of the cost of products and special products baked & croissants every month .

8-The work of a monthly inventory of factories responsible for it .

9-Analysis of expenses for private cars and determine the cost of overhauling .

10- The challenge of the operational efficiency of the number of factories.

11- The ability to work on all accounting programs efficiently.              

12-Accounts Assistant to work as manager of the financial director for residential Officer Rashid Al-Khobar Towers accounts and analysis of expenses and the work of financial reporting and the creation of financial statements.  

13-Excellence in accounting and excel ,access programs.    

14-Good talk and write in English and Arabic and good to talk to Urdu.  

15-Follow-up to ongoing updates in financial accounting rules .                      


2014Until now

Accountant Costs

Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Company (Closed Joint Stock Company) -RTCC

From the period from 02.05.2014 until 06.10.2015 as an accountant costs for cars and equipment department.

- It is the period 06/10/2015 to date working as an accountant and secretary-safe at the same time the number of p private water projects for the city of Riyadh projects.

- The period 1-1 -2016 an accountant in the main center Al- Rashid Company for trade and construction section of the real estate investment even 1-8-2016.

The nature of the competent practical matches for your subcategory banks and warehouses and the Treasury and the work of the checks.

From 02/08/2016 until now account manager from Rashid AL- towers Bro accommodation at a five residential towers and office tower Number of apartments 374 apartments.


Cost Accountant

FARAGALLA Food Industries

Play a key leadership role driving business forward by providing suggestions on reducing the cost and the actual control of production and cost standard. The application of detailed knowledge of production and the market, dexterity typical financial and analytical skills to predict deviations between the actual cost and the cost of the standard, and evaluation of the market and sales. New business development campaign through a variety of strategies including continuous contact and talk with the factory managers and senior management.

1- The cost of the work as an accountant in the Egyptian Company for Manufacturing and freeze meat (Faraj Allah).

2- To work as an accountant costs garage Kafr El Dawar in the Egyptian Company for Manufacturing and freeze meat (Faraj Allah).

3- Management Officer planning and follow-up with the group Faraj Allah (responsible for factory meat, baked goods, chicken croissants, cake and new lines of biscuits) (current job).

3-To work as an accountant for the cost of parking.


Accountant in legal Accountability Office Ons

Magdi Elshiat Office of Legal Accounting

Carrying out all the audit firms and business tax accounting and review with the state and the creation of all tax reporting and the preparation of financial statements and reports permits.


Training At Bank of Egypt.

Banque Misr

Assistant New Business Development of small businesses that require funding of 100,000 pounds - 2,000,000 pounds. Assistant in the origination and management of key customers, along with the project and the loan portfolio entity level. Managed the entire loan including insurance process, conduct market analysis, loan structuring and preparation of presentation packs loan committee.

    •  Financing all kinds of individual facilities, partnerships and stock corporations being industrial or commercial or   services or free professions as well as environment-friendly activities.
    • Finance through short and medium term loans for working capital and to finance machinery, local and imported new or used equipments.
    • Medium term loans range between 50 thousand pounds and 2 million pounds to finance outstanding activities.
    • Medium term loan for new projects ranges from 50 thousand pounds to EGP 250 thousand pounds.
    • Medium term loans to be repaid through monthly or quarterly installments with competitive interest rates. 

Education, Professional Development, Certifications & Licenses

 Bachelor of Commerce Division of Accounting

  • Accounting, Cash Flow Analysis, Income Property Analysis, Stress Underwriting 

Alexandria University- Egypt.

  • Coursework: Accounting, Economics, Finance
  • Courses:

    1-English from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. 

    2-Modern account of the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. 

    3-Principles of securities trading in the stock market. 

    4-Study of International Certificate Computer Driving (icdl).

    5-Program Quickbooks. 

    6-Program Peach Tree.