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Sep 2013Present

Bachelor Of Computer Science ( Networking And Security )

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Knowledge on networking and security . Focuses on programming security, web application security, application security, hardware and how problems can  occured on network and learn to solve them.

Also, knowledge on application development. Programming is a must in a computer science field related. Taking this major gives advantages to student as they can learn on how networking is happening and at the same time learn to program application using programming languages such as JAVA, PHP, HTML/CSS, Visual Basic, Javascript and SQL.

Sep 2010Apr 2013

Diploma in Computer Science (IT)

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

General knowledge in IT .


Handling and configuring Cisco routers. Skill gain during learning semester subject CCNA 1 until CCNA 4 version 5.
Computer Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting computer for any errors that occurred in software or hardware. This skill is needed in order to survive in the world of Information Technology especially when dealing and using computers all the time.
SQL is known for it's usage as a database communicator. It is a database management system. Many applications nowadays use SQL as their communicator to retrieve data from database.
A programming language that is powerful. JavaScript can provide many features to application developers. In 2014, JavaScript has been known to be the most chosen language by developers to help them develop a fast mobile applications rather than using android Software Development Kit.
Web application languages that need to be learn in order to continue career in networking and security. HTML5/CSS3 can provide richer user experiences compared to other web application languages.
Visual Basic
New programming language that need to be explored because some company needs a programmer for desktop application thus making VB a great language to learn so that desktop software can be developed easily. 
PHP is a programming language that is often used in web application as a back-end approach. Experienced making a system from a scratch using PHP.
Knowledge on JAVA is a must because learning object-oriented programming is easier using JAVA. It's commonly used to develop desktop application but with simpler interface and work flow can be understand easily


Silver Award for Universiti Teknology Malaysia 7th Inovation Competition 2014.


To apply for industrial training related to information technology ( Networking And Security) field.



Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor Bharu

Faculty Of Computing Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTM Skudai 81310 Johor, Malaysia



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