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Mohamad El Kaissi

Management Consultancy - Project based services. Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB™), Certified Accredited Project Quality Manager (APQM™), MBA-CBSP™ Aspirant, Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification (SPOAC™)


  • Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt  (CSSMBB™)
  • Accredited Project Quality Manager  (APQM™)
  • Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification (SPOAC™)
  • 8 years of Managerial/ Marketing experience.
  • Business Development, Strategy and Analysis.
  • Customised workshops: Planner and Lecturer.
  • Proven Account Management & Customer Management skills.
  • 6 years of experience as a Web-master /  Developer and IT Consultant. and IT Consultant.
  • A People’s person, as in having the ability to converse and interact comprehensively with baseline  employees all the way up to top Government Officials and Royalty.
  • Ability to meet objectives and deadlines even stress
  •  Proven sales achievements.

    Knowledge of complete e-Business  Solutions including -B2B, B2C, etc.


Jul 2015Oct 2015

Roaming Operational Lead Skåne Region (Fixed contract) 

Barona - Stockholm, Lund, Malmö
  •  Assigned to a project for a major international IT company.
  • Field operation collecting various data at a Municipal level.
  • Operated a vehicle, hardware and software.
  • Mobile, travelled throughout the project.
  • Worked in a small team with interchangeable roles.
  • Planned work schedules but was also required to promptly react to unforeseen situations and operatively adjust plans.
  • Created daily progress reports.
  • Monitored and secured equipment and software performance.
May 2014Oct 2014

Web Developer and CRM Manager (Fixed contract)

Easyinfo AB - Bromölla, Sweden
  • Consultancy/Project based.
  • Designing and developing websites.
  • Managing internal and external CRM systems.
Jan 2008Jan 2014

Web Developer and IT Consultant

Moln10 Projekt - Kristianstad, Sweden

Consultancy/project based.

Designed and Developed web sites for various customers.

Worked with:

  • Xara 3D,
  • HTML5 (Responsive),
  • PHP,
  • Java,
  • Flash Animation,
  • Logos,
  • Brand Marketing,
  • Google Ads,
  • Google Adsense,
  • Google Adwords,
  • Google analytics,
  • SEO
  • Wordpress
Jul 2010Dec 2010

Project Manager(Fixed contract)

Eductus - Kristianstad, Sweden

Consultancy/project based.

I ran a pilot project (Certified): An innovative way to market job seekers CV’s, with the help of a website that I created, namely (currently inactive) A simple 3 step approach - Record a video of your CV, upload it to my server and I send a link back to a secure profile that includes a Live CV or intro, along with a text resume. I was responsible for all the stages, from conceptualization all the way up to a viable product.

Mar 2009Dec 2009

General Manager (Fixed contract)

Djib Travel - Kristianstad, Sweden 

Consultancy/project based

  • Maintaining overall running of the Travel Agency,
  • Minutes randomly set by Owners/stakeholders.
  • Successfully integrated 4C's of various Marketing and Advertising campaigns. 
  • PR and CRM 
  • Planned customised workshops and trained new recruits/trainees of various departments, including but not restricted to: Ticketing (Amadeus CRS), Sales and Office Management.
  • Kept good relations with other Travel Agencies.
Sep 2008Oct 2008

Statistical Researcher and Marketing Consultant (Fixed contract)

Skånetrafiken, Academic Search Jobfinder - Skåne region

Yearly statistical research at a municipal level, concerning current routes, types of boarding passes/tickets used, efficiency of selected routes, passenger traffic etc., of a major local civil transport company. Research was performed on buses and trains within the Skåne region, including Copenhagen.

Sep 2007Nov 2007

Statistical Researcher and Marketing Consultant (Fixed contract)

Skånetrafiken, Academic Search Jobfinder - Skåne region

Yearly statistical research at a municipal level, concerning current routes, types of boarding passes/tickets used, efficiency of selected routes, passenger traffic etc., of a major local civil transport company. Research was performed on buses and trains within the Skåne region, including Copenhagen.

Dec 2006Jun 2007

Senior Business Development Manager (Fixed contract)

Al Huqouq Real Estate - Sharjah, UAE

Consultancy/project based.

  • Reported directly to the Owner/CEO
  • Handled all business development related issues for the company (total real estate assets at the time: approximately 100 Million USD)
  • Expanded assets.
Feb 2007Feb 2007

Business Development Manager (Fixed contract)

BizNas FZC - Sharjah, UAE

Consultancy/project based.

Implemented TQM strategies for a unique real estate marketing project (online).

Sep 2006Nov 2006

Account Manager (Fixed contract)

Global Display(Exhibitions, Interiors) - Dubai, UAE
  • Established contact with current and new potential clients, along with opening up new markets.
  • Liaised between clients at top management levels and GD for all their enquiries and requirements.
  • Took design briefs from clients and worked with 3-D design teams.
  • Achieved sales targets(approx Euro 500K in gross sales within the first three months) and deadlines.
  • Introduced New Technologies into the market. Worked closely onsite with facility managers, production managers and supervisors.
Nov 2002Nov 2005

Managing Director

PCS(Progression-Computer Systems) Trd - Sharjah, UAE
  • I was the Managing Director of an IT company, overseeing all aspects of running a business.
  • I product launched and gained Sole Exclusive Distributor rights for the EZgo“ The World's Smallest Desktop PC”(at the time) for the Middle East, North Africa and part of the Indian Sub-Continent. Competing for the SED rights were the biggest IT names in the country, these competitors had exclusive rights to Intel and MS products for the entire ME region.
  • Sales, Marketing and Accounting Managers reported directly to me. Profitability & Revenue targets were met by developing and managing distributors independently.
  • Assessed the client's needs, then designed and sold appropriate solutions.
  • Ensured high profitability through innovative solutions and customer satisfaction.
  • Adequately captured three metrics: awareness, sales and advocacy.
  • Keeping track of local and regional KPI's.
  • Personally held numerous customized workshops for local and regional distributors.
  • The company had ownership of complete sales cycles, including identifying opportunities, need analysis, sales, delivery, implementation, payment collection and ensured long-term customer relations.
  • Under my supervision the company sought out new technologies and e-commerce solutions.
Jun 2004May 2005

Project Management Consultant

F. Mannen - Kristianstad, Sweden

Streamlined various managerial departments ranging from marketing, accounts, stocks, along with building relations with local officials and nearby residents.

May 1995Apr 1998

Director Customer Marketing

Spectrum Exports Inc - (US -Florida Based) UAE & Far East

 Areas of Business:

  • Tourism Development
  • Business Development
  • Precious Gems, Jewellery

Clients: Royalty, politicians and high profile businessmen/women.

Jan 1995Apr 1995

Advertising & Promotions Manager

Stallions Records - Dubai, UAE
  • Innovated Marketing and Promotion solutions
  • Managed regional retail outlets
  • Increased regional revenues for each sales associate
  • Expanded sales
  • Introduced “Free Advertising” by way of local newspapers, youth magazines, local cinemas, night clubs, discothèques, upcoming bands and new album
  • critic reviews.
  • Also built strong relationships with local media networks.
Oct 1994Dec 1994

Marketing Manager

MusicBox International - Dubai, UAE

The marketing manager was relieved of duty and I took over operations. Managed all Marketing and promotional activities of the company. Handled all new and up-coming artists concerning regional tours and market insertion.

Sep 1994Oct 1994

Asst. Marketing Manager

MusicBox International - Dubai, UAE

As a fresh graduate I assisted the Marketing Manager's activities. I also assisted in stock control and warehousing.


Dec 2015Present

Scrum Product Owner Accredited Certification (SPOAC™)

International Scrum Institute™

License Number: 01113974290434

Nov 2015Present

Accredited Project Quality Manager (APQM™)

International Organization for Project Management™ (IO4PM™)

License Number: 94246602143160

Nov 2015Present

Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (CSSMBB™)

International Six Sigma Institute™

License Number: 66978889416903

Oct 2002Present

Environmental Management Systems

Lernia / Eductus / Liber
  • SO 14000 Quality control / EMAS
  • Agenda 21
  • Producer Responsibility
  • Environment Control
  • Environment Laws.
Dec 2000Present

ECDL - European Computer Driving Licence™

Dataföreningen - för kunskap och kontakter

License Number: SE 0275129

European Computer Driving License (ECDL-Forerunner to ICDL),

Complete Office packet and website development, FrontPage, Page Maker, etc.

Sep 1993Present

Specialization - Airline Sales & Tourism Management

Skyline University College

License Number: AD/031/90

Sep 1993Present

Airline Sales & Station Management

Skyline University College
Jul 1990Present

Advanced Travel and Tourism Management

Skyline University College

License Number: AD/031/90



App Development for Arduino and Android, English Literature, Society and Culture

HKR - Kristianstad University


 International MBA Institute™

Business Strategy


Digital Communication

HKR - Kristianstad University

The course enables students to understand the use of on-line text and communication focusing on the subject and mode of communication, the relationship between individual and society, and the importance of text and source scrutiny in a multimedia society.


International Rhetoric

HKR - Kristianstad University

The course consists of both practical and theoretical elements, including detailed analyses of speeches from different cultures and concrete presentation exercises tied to inter-cultural aspects. Breathing and speech techniques are practised.These practical elements are linked to the theory of rhetoric, including discussions of the rhetorical process and analyses of historical and topical speeches. The course mainly focuses on the international perspectives of rhetoric.


IT Generalisten

Lernia Utbildning AB
  • Advanced object oriented programming (C, C++ and Visual Basic), +800 hours.
  • Advanced Networking, design, layout and maintenance, Novell Netware, Windows2000, NT4 and Linux - Network+ equivalent.
  • TCP−IP, Win 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP and XXP.

IT BAS - Information Technology

Lund University - In cooperation with Folkuniversitet Kristianstad
  • ECDL - Advanced
  • Visual Basic/DataBase 
  • Hardware and Operating Systems - A+ equivalent.

BA (Hons) International Tourism/Marketing

University of Lincoln - UK

International Tourism and Marketing (Combined Studies)

Year 3:

  • Strategic Management
  • Planning & Development of Tourism
  • Management of Tourism Enterprises
  • Business Information Financial Management
  • Independent Study

Year 2:

  • Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • Advanced Fares & Ticketing
  • Tours
  • Travel Agency Operation
  • Advanced Airport Services
  • Computer Application
  • Advanced Load Control
  • Advanced Cargo
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • Business Administration
  • Practical Training

Year 1:

  • English Grammar
  • English for special purpose
  • Basic Fares & Ticketing
  • Manual Reservations
  • Basic Load Control
  • Basic Airport Services
  • Basic Cargo
  • Introduction to Hotel Industry
  • Food & Beverage Services
  • Tourism Accounting


English: Native or bilingual proficiency

Arabic: Native or bilingual proficiency

Swedish: Full professional proficiency


Project Management
IT Strategy/Management
Management Consulting
Innovation Consulting
Business Strategy
Marketing Management
Business Development 
Training and Development
Web Development


Kristianstads kommun

Trustee (Good Man) for Unaccompanied foreign or stateless children. Jan 2016

A "Good Man" is appointed if a child, who is a foreign citizen or stateless, comes to Sweden without a parent or an adult, and is thereby deemed to be the child's Trustee.

A Trustee (Good Man) for an unaccompanied child helps among other things:

To apply for a residence permit
Supporting the child at the Migration Board's investigation
Planning education and training.
Ensuring the safety and well-being of the child


Privat Biblioteket: Jan 1999 - Dec 2006

CLC (Chief Life Coach) - Education

  • Mentored young (12 years old to young adolescents) asylum seekers/refugees from Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq, Morocco and Palestine.
  • Educational workshops
  • Nature trips
  • Extracurricular activities
  • English
  • History
  • Sports


Jane Mattisson
Job Title: Assistant Professor of English, Department of Education and the Environment
Company Name: University Of Kristianstad
Phone Number: +46.44203368
Email Address: [email protected]

Marcus Adan
Job Title: Master of English Linguistics
Company Name: Samhällsservice
Phone Number: +46.760651718
Email Address: [email protected]

Andrea Rains
Job Title: EMEA Program Manager
Company Name: Kelly Services UK
Phone Number: +44.7721591600
Email Address: [email protected]