Mohamad alsaad 

  • Nationality: Syrian/..Born date:10/2/1991 .... State :Single
  • Phone : 0504725693
  • Email :
Mohamad alsaad 

civil engineer


Jul 2009 - Jan 2015

B.Sc  in Civil Engineering

Near East university

Near East university is in North Cyprus and it was established in 1988 

this university is member in many organizations like :

International  Association of University

European University Association

Islamic University Association

the civil engineering s' duration is 4 years , it includes 42 subjects 

and 2 summer practice , each summer practice has 60 days .

our studying was in English language .

I passed all subjects in civil engineering  department   with CGPA (2.49/4)

I  had got  BA  mark (89%) in graduation project  for that prof. of

graduation project gave me recommendation later for my mark in

graduation project .     


Work History

Work History
Mar 2015 - Mar 2016

3-Civil engineer


I was civil engineer in this company since 10/3/2015 , I was working as site engineer for more than 3 projects  ,also I estimated quantities of materials and costs of projects more than 70 buildings in AL-AIN for my company . 

2-Trainee engineer


This company is in U.A.E - ALAIN City , it established in 2000 . I trained with civil engineers for working in the site for duration 5 months , where it was the first time for me to the working in U.A.E  , i have seen a lot of things about the working as civil engineer in U.A.E .  My first project was a big school in ALAIN city .

1-Engineer assistance  

Alshahen company  for constractions

 I worked in Alshahen company for 1 year ( 2012-2013). this company is in Syria , it established in 2010.  it had many of residential projects in Syria and i was engineer assistance for most these projects .   



1-Degree of B.Sc. in civil engineering

I had it from Near East university in North Cyprus in 13/2/2015

2-Recommendation letters

3 professors in my department gave me recommendation letters for my good works in the civil engineering  .

3-The residence 

I have got resident identity card in U.A.E as civil engineer .

4-Driving license

I have got valid driver's license in U.A.E.




  •  Ability to work in team and under pressure
  •  Energetic and self-motivated
  •  Excellent Communication skills
  •  High ability for discussion and negotiation
  •  High ability to learn and develop my self 
  •  Rules and time respect

 quantities estimating of the materials and calculate costs of the projects and tenders .

Computer programs 

I am good in using the computer programs :

  •  Word program
  •  Excl program
  •  Auto cad program
  •  Archi cad program
  •  SAP 2000 program 
  •  Etabs program
  •  IDE CAD program
  •  SAFE program 


I can speak Two languages :

  • The first language is Arabic .                                                                                  I'm excellent in Arabic language because it is my mother tongue .
  •  The second language is English .                                                                                                I'm very good in this language where i can understand, write and speak it well. I spent 6 years with English language in my campus life , also i was using it in my conversations with the people in North Cyprus . 

The working life 

I like the working as civil engineer for that , always i try to develop my work and my information about the civil engineering . always i read every thing is new in this scope by the internet and the books .  also , I can deal with the workers in the site well because the workers are important member in all projects and all sites . During my working period in the sites , i had got this experience for the working with the workers .  


My favorite hobbies are the sports , reading and internet .