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Diversified expert skills in operations (Backoffice, Backend operations, MetaTrader 4/5 and other trading terminals, API, LPs connectivity and integration solutions, Custom plugins, Technology providers core systems)

Experienced with 10+ years in Financial Services sector of FX Brokers, solutions and service providers.

A well presented industrious and highly personable individual who has an extensive depth experience in FX institutions with experts skills.

Worked in a different financial services institutions with a diversified cultures and targets that strengthened my skills and made me an expert in the various departments with a good record by adding values to the whole workflow.

  • Experience work locations: Kuwait, UAE, Cyprus, Egypt

Career Experience

Nov 2017Present

Operations Director

Market Equity
  • Accomplished full setup of brokerage with its trading system
  • Improve and support trading system for client and broker itself
  • Implementing integrations with LPs
  • Communicate with potential LPs and service providers
  • Integrations and communicate with technology provider
  • Planning for custom plugins as per needed
  • Planning, supervising, and coordinate with external brokers solutions
  • Developing CRM with programmers via Fx business ways
  • Day to day operations
  • Supervising Backoffice team
  • Coordinating with Backoffice manager about daily activity
  • Planning and coordinate with in-house developers
  • Coordinate with other teams (Marketing, Accounting)

Mar 2017Nov 2017

Solutions & service provider / Consultancy

  • Full setup of brokerage company with its trading system
  • MetaTrader 4/5 support
  • Full setup of MetaTrader plus its integration with LPs and Core Systems
  • Install and manage connectivity between internal systems and third parties (i.e. MetaTrader, PrimeXM ,ClearVision ,OneZero, API Plugin, etc..)
  • Controls and Monitor all trading systems settings
  • Integrations of Trading system with website or CRM
  • Cooperation in development plans internally and with systems/apps third parties
  • FIX connectivity through MetaTrader or other terminals
  • LPs, Banks, Prime brokers support
  • Day to day operations (BackEnd, BackOffice, Technical Support)

Mar 2016Mar 2017

Backoffice & BackEnd Operations

House of Borse

  • Backoffice full operations
  • BackEnd (MT4/5 Administrator, Gateway, API and LPs Bridge connectivity, Quotes and charts flow)
  • Setup of White Labels and Partners programs from scratch
  • Setup of white Labels (FIX API, MT groups and settings, trading instruments)
  • Support and maintain connectivity between the firm and external party’s applications (Liquidity Providers, bridge, customized APIs)  
  • Provide 3rd level support to clients and partners
  • Work closely with the CEO and support all IT projects
  • Creation and activation of accounts
  • Communicate and coordinate with internal departments
  • Cooperation with head of treasury for correct workflow (deposit/withdrawal and transfer) processes in internal system
  • Handling of customer calls and e-mails that belongs to Trading,Technical support
Oct 2015Dec 2015

MetaTrader Administrator

Apexum - UAE

  • Responsible for all MT4 trading activities, integration and future trading technologies development
  • Full support and administration of the MetaTrader platform, Manager, Administrator and configuration of the MetaTrader servers
  • Work with 3rd party vendors and provide support of the technical environment such as LP, Banks and Institutional clients
  • Work with the MetaTrader software provider and troubleshoot any issues that arise
  • Controls and Monitor plugins parameters and settings
  • Provide 3rd level support to users.
  • Work closely with the Chief Executive Officer and support all IT projects
Feb 2013Jun 2015

BackOffice & Technical Operations Manager

CommexFx - Cyprus
  • Day-to-Day Operations
  • Work closely with Top Management & Supervisors to improve the execution of assigned activities
  • Monitoring company trading Books with LPs & Prime broker
  • Direct contact with Liquidity Providers and software vendors
  • Provide prices to corporate dealers, upon request, and meet with corporate partner customers if requested
  • Interacting with Liquidity providers and aggregator in order to obtain best pricing and execution for the company and its clients
  • Quoting, confirming and transmitting client trades in line with company’s policy and procedures
  • Supervise and coordinate client's complaints belongs to trading
  • Implement Customer service tasks. (Belongs to Trading or BackOffice with team)
  • Full support and administration of the other trading terminals (i.e. ClearPro, cTrader)
  • Full support, administration, integrating and testing of trading systems with its configuration
  • Dealing with the MetaTrader or software providers and troubleshoot any issues that arise
  • Work with 3rd party vendors and provide support of the technical environment such as LP, Banks, and Institutional clients
  • Provide 3rd level support to institutional clients
  • Bridge connectivity with different trading terminals and LP
  • Full Setup of partial or full WL (White Labels) from scratch
  • Sorting out the full support of WL (white labels)
  • Plan, organize, direct control the security settings, and workflow system (servers, dealing disk terminal, client's terminal, multi-terminal client's system, servers) and networking servers for backup issue
  • Cooperate with Risk Management Department
  • Handling & cooperate in issues belongs to MetaTrader or trading servers with developers
  • Control Custom APIs belongs to Trading system & Website.
  • Control execution quality of client's orders into exchange market
  • Control & mapping execution of the broker or corporate accounts orders on LP side
  • Financial reports (Summary, Commission, Segregate, Closed Trades and agents reports)
  • Organize implementation and testing system as (online trading system, CRM systems, trading servers)
  • Updating colleague’s team with new products or new systems that company will upgrades  
Nov 2011Feb 2013

Technical Operations Manager

CommexFx - Cyprus
  • Responsible for overall technical operations
  • Handle all operation procedures of MetaTrader4, ProTrader and cTrader
  • Interact with internal teams to ensure consistent and reliable customer service
  • Responsible for all trading activities, integration and future technologies development
  • Responsible for the bridge connectivity with the other trading terminals and LP
  • Monitoring activity of Metaquotes products for front, back office
  • Plan, organize, direct, control and design (MetaTrader - Online Trading System)
  • Maintain the product settings, on the system (OTC, Commodities, Spot, Indices, and CFD's)
  • Plan, organize, direct control the security settings, and workflow system (servers, dealing disk terminal, client's terminal, multi-terminal client's system and servers) and networking servers for backup issue
  • Cooperate with Risk Management Department
  • Handling & cooperate in issues belongs to MetaTrader or trading servers with developers
  • Control money transaction over the websites, and link it directly with the trading online system
  • Updating colleagues with the new products or a new systems that company will upgrade to
  • Hand over with Customer Support about cases belongs to trading conditions.
  • Handling client's complaints belongs to execution
  • Responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing organizational technical processes
  • Responsible for maintaining the technical goals of the company and address any future potential needs
  • Recruit and supervise technicians and other personnel and oversee their professional development and training

7 Years Earlier

July 2008OCT 2011

Trading Desk & BackOffice Manager

Oct 2007Jun 2008

FX Market Dealer