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Oct 2010Jun 2015


Nizwa college of Applied sciences-Oman

the study of communication among individuals of different cultural backgrounds, including the study of similarities and differences across cultures. this major is focusing on the role of communication in different sections of life such as the management of conflict in intra-personal , interpersonal and inter group situations. also, it focuses on role of communication in political systems in the world wide

Sep 2007Jun 2010

general certificate (natural sciences)

aljodaidah secondary school-Ar'Ar- Saudi Arabia

Work History

Jun 2013Jul 2013

internship programme

Intercontinental group hotel(Muscat)

This internship program provides to the students of colleges opportunity for training in different section  of the organization. it includes the front office, back office, sales management and reservations.

Nov 2011Nov 2011

cashier services



• Certificate of appreciation for contributing in the national day ceremony in 2011

NIzwa college of applied sciences.

• Certificate for attending the training session "be positive" in 2012.

• Diploma certificate in "small business management" training course.

Jul 2013Present

internship course

Intercontinental group hotel(Muscat)
Jun 2015Present

bachelor degree in international communication studies

Nizwa college of applied sciences.