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Looking for opportunities to Crush it,in Online retailing, food Sales, or other Green sectors. If you need to get inspired about marketing your product , please see Gary as I filmed him in Marin County

Work experience


Respect, Inc

Start-up popular Jewelry, Design and manufacturing Company

  • Tasks including local Account Salest for retail jewelry and custom laptop backpack, all of in house designs.
  • Order filling, taking orders over phone, trade shows
  • Stocking displays at stores such as Macys, and small independent retail.
  • Small company energy; all hand on deck working together as a team

Nursery Man

Sloat Garden Center

Sloat Garden Center - Sloat Street, San Francisco, Ca 1999-2000

2700 Sloat Blvd, San Francisco,

  • Working directly as a nurseryman assisting in selection of plants and providing advice on growing condition for specific plants for garden conditions of customers.

Retail/coffee drink maker

Peets coffee & Tea

Peets coffee & Tea- Laural Village S.F. - shift espresso and counter worker

P.O. Box 12509 Berkeley, CA 94712-3509

  • Retail sale/counter person, espresso maker will attending San Francisco State University.
  • Education: San Francisco State University Anthropology, 1991-6
  • Computer Skill: General word processing and photo editing


S.E. Rycroft & Co-US Food Service

S.E. Rycroft & Co-US Food Service, San Francisco 2000

Slogan of "Enjoy life eat out more often"

  • Worked in Accounting Department during company transition data entry and salesperson ordering discrepancies, later worked in warehouse to
  • prevent and detect thief by Salespersons
  • Enjoyed working with sales and restaurant owner of San Francisco.
Jun 2000Present

Owner  2000-Current

  • Self employed, running a painting company, mostly residential painting. Job tasks include:
  • Marketing and promotion, Meeting with customers, Sale closing, execution of project, and administrative duties. Operated contract home improvement service, painting and other construction skills, hiring painters as need.
  • Preformed estimates
  • Conducted marketing and sales function for business
  • Scheduled jobs, estimated materials, time for project .
  • 80 percent Sales and marketing
  • 10 percent working as craftsman
  • 10 planning, administrative and logistical tasks

    Sales being the main job, using the web to advertise, respond to calls and

    email from potential customers.



US Navy Reserve

Shop experience at Moffett Field, working with the Avionics group for P3 Orion.


Closing Sale in Consultative Selling
Having to take a customer from just asking for information to signing a contract for service. It takes trust to get anyone to open their wallet. Demonstrating knowledge of product, quality, through selling.