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Australian Davos Connection Future Summit Leadership Award (2007)

Premier’s History Scholarship (2006)

NSW Minister’s Quality Teaching Award (2005)

History Teachers’ Association Fellowship for Outstanding History Teaching (2001)

Asia Education Foundation Fellowship (2000)

Access Asia Scholarship (1999)

Teachers’ Guild Commendation for Outstanding Teaching Performance (1995)


Tim Wright

Roslyn Arnold

Eleanor Duckworth


I am currently working in teacher education at Harvard University while completing a Masters degree in Education (Learning & Teaching). I am on leave from the Mentor of Learning & Teaching position at Shore School, North Sydney, where I have been teaching for 16 years.I have receivedseveral awards including: an Australian Davos Connection Future Summit Leadership Award, a Premier’s Westfield History Scholarship, a NSW Minister’s Quality Teaching Award, and a History Teachers’ Association Fellowship. I also lead regular history tours to South-east Asia.

Work experience

Oct 1993Present

Mentor of Learning & Teaching (2007-present)

Shore School

Also Director of Studies (2010)

Housemaster (2000-2007)

Master of Form I (1999)

Master Assisting in History (1998)

Other roles

Leading history tours to Indochina 2004-2010

Leading cultural exchange with Yarrabah Aboriginal community, Queensland 2007-2009

Basketball coach 1994-present (1st coach 2002-2010, MIC 2008, GPS 1st coach 2001-2002)

AAC officer 1994-2005 (Commanding Officer 2001-2002)

Leading Year 7 Orientation camp 2009-2010

Rugby coach 1994-2000

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Coordinator 1994-1997

Co-ordinator of Cross-Age Tutoring 1995-1996

Roles outside Shore School

Teacher Training Australia presenter 2008- present

International Baccalaureate examiner 2009

NSW Board of Studies marking (5 years) and examination committee 2007