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Director: Mike Golen - President: Dave Deal - Legal Counsel: Rob Fowler

The MNPEA (Minnesota Public Employees Association, Inc.) was formed to offer an alternative to the major international and U.S.-based labor unions that may fail to provide their members with complete financial transparency. Some representatives of these larger unions may travel to expensive conferences and neglect to file complete financial reports to inform the people they represent. The MNPEA’s representatives are proud to answer to their members, offering financial openness and member input into political endorsements and lobbying agendas. Exclusive to the state of Minnesota, the MNPEA’s representatives also stay at home to help the members of the union. With many workers growing impatient with paying high monthly dues to unions, applications for MNPEA membership are on the rise. Beginning with an initiation fee of $25, MNPEA rates are subsequently only $39 per month. Understanding the tough economic climate, the MNPEA features automatically reduced rates for individuals earning less than $15.60 an hour. The fees paid by union members at the MNPEA are inclusive of all union benefits, even legal representation. While other unions may charge additional rates for attorney representation, MNPEA dues include legal services on cases involving internal affairs, employer investigations of MNPEA members, and unemployment and veterans’ preference matters. Rob Fowler serves as the MNPEA’s main legal representative. Working through the Fowler Law Firm, L.L.C., he implements the MNPEA’s Legal Defense Plan. He can also provide special discounts on other legal issues for MNPEA members. Significant among MNPEA benefits is the fact that all monies paid to the union stay within the union and do not go to a larger organization. All practices administered by the MNPEA’s representation are for the sole benefit of its members, and members have the power to override decisions made by the board of directors.