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Work experience

Jan 2016Present

Technical Project Manager

Wells Fargo

My primary role within Fulfillment Management is supporting new and upgraded infrastructure technology within the international markets.  I take great pride in delivering complex and challenging projects as well as assisting in process improvement. This position requires me to work closely with my partners in Information Architecture, Systems Engineering, Application Engineering, various LOB’s as well as planning and Datacenter Management.

  • Review and work with the Application Team and LOB to approve project requirements.
  • Create and load the Project Tracking Portal with all required documentation and notes.
  • Create sizing for financial approvals.
  • Work with the various engineering and support teams to manage all aspects of provisioning hardware.
  • Support a Global footprint of locations.


I work with other internal teams to develop processes documentation as well as define process improvements to enhance workflow productivity. My specialty has been managing complex projects domestically and internationally at risk and turned them around for successful implementation.

Jun 2014Dec 2015

Project Manager


Technical Project Manager Contractor for Wells Fargo within the Service Delivery (SDT) / Infrastructure Solutions Management (ISM) / Deployment Coordination. My focus has been in scheduling and managing NAS (Network Attached Storage) migrations. The NAS devices are nearing end of maintenance agreements and need to be replaced with new hardware. This environment requires research as well as specific and unique migration plans to be created across many data centers, departments, users and applications to mitigate any potential impact.

  • Successfully determined impact to mitigate any issues across 5 datacenters providing a clear path for NAS migrations. This included working with the various lines of business, app teams and users of the NAS volumes to be migrated.
  • Worked closely and successfully with the various lines of business within the bank to coordinate outages and communications to impacted users while providing assurance and follow-up support.
  • Developed and manage gameplans to define each environment and migration plan.
  • Worked with the various Wells Fargo enterprise tools to perform discovery as well as document change per the internal policies.
  • Provided customer centric service while maintaining progress.
  • Completed all of the Bank Policy trainings as well as system trainings.

Oct 2013Jun 2014

Project Manager

Cube Technology Inc

I was brought in as a contractor to assist in delivering a major government contract as well as assist in organizational management restructuring. My primary focus and achievements were the following;

  • Developed a master part number management system (using a SaaS provider).
  • Created a master bill of material (from top level to part number detail).
  • Mapped out and documented a product hierarchy complete with assembly process documentation.
  • Created controlled documents for outsourcing quality control as well as cost control.
  • Developed a Work Order process and job traveler system to control and document quality.
  • Defined workflow and responsibilities across all departments.
  • Developed a project cost roadmap
  • Implemented a project management system using SaaS tools (primarily SmartSheet, Parts & Vendors, Outlook).
  • Managed all deliverable actions (manufacturing, test / validation, packaging, and documentation) to meet the contract.

Jun 2011Sep 2013

Project Manager & Supply Chain Manager

Verde Designs

As the project management I worked with both sales and engineering departments as well as with the client once an order was placed. This required a strong understanding and definition of the project scope that I helped to define and manage. Embraced and fostered a Scrum methodology, for holding meetings, managing engineering and accomplishing process improvements.
I also developed strong vendor relationship and managed the supply chain. This included all production floor items, engineering shortages, supplier obsolescence and production shortages from mechanical to electrical. Because of my IT experience I also assisted in the infrastructure management and website.
My accomplishments included;

  • Developed a project management system and platform (Podio and Aptiva SaaS products)..
  • Mapped out all processes from sales to engineering through delivery of product. I created a 360degree model that included all process flow documentation.
  • Using Scrum methodology I coordinated engineering and production actions and timelines. 
  • Created WO system, manufacturing processes and documentation for assemblers. 

2005Jun 2011

General Partner


My passion for business development combined with my experience in technology and marketing helped me to determine the need for an internet presence provider that focused on small to medium size business. Our clients span a wide range of industries and had little to no exposure online. We developed services ranging from website design, site modification, social media, online & print marketing, hosting, email marketing, SaaS implementation and business consulting

During this time my focus was on;

  • Project Management; maintain schedules and actions to complete all projects.
  • Software and infrastructure planning and selection.
  • CMS security updates and threat planning.
  • SaaS implementation (CRM tools, Accounting, Marketing)
  • Small business consulting including marketing and operational management.
    • Aligning clients with new markets while growing their existing network.
    • Process mapping to realize process improvements and management.
    • HR and employee documentation.

We also developed services ranging from website design, site modification, social media, online & print marketing, hosting, and email marketing.

As a result of my work for a non-profit organization implementing a donor management system,  in September of 2009 I created early stage crowd-funding sites that are now a very common tool to raise money. These sites provide an online solution to help parents, players, teams, schools and youth programs raise money. I proved the concept and developed working models that have raised just under $70,000.  


General Manager

Future Active Industrial Inc.

Future Electronics (FAI) is a semiconductor distributor that specializes in smaller tier 2 and 3 clients. Their unique model was to focus on the smaller start-up clients and provide them with focused care from a single sales person approach. The goal of the Branch was to quickly learn what and where the client is manufacturing and then define a product solution around the manufacturers on their line card.

My primary responsibilities were;

  • Growth of an existing Sales Branch to 38% over previous year.
  • Cultivate three new employees with experience in the local territory and industry.
  • Develop process improvement teams to enhance programs and drive productivity to meet aggressive sales budget.
Jan 1986Nov 1996

 Sales Management and Marketing Development

Avnet Inc

I enjoyed a successful 10 years at Avnet. During that time I created new solutions for customers and was part of the pioneering efforts of the Supply Chain Management tools that are in place today. I started in sales for the San Jose division and quickly developed several strategic client relationships that awarded me growth within the Avnet organization.

Sales Manager Hamilton Hallmark - Phoenix, Arizona

  • A member of the merger team to bring two sales teams together (Hamilton and Hallmark) for the Arizona territory.
  • Increased Sales from 24 million to 68 million.
  • Grew market share for the branch to over 54% in all focus lines.
  • Received company’s highest sales award (President's Club).
  • Developed quarterly management objective incentives for the FAE’s (Field Application Engineers) and OSR’s (Outside Sales Representatives) that reported to me.

Strategic Accounts Manager(Military & Aerospace) - Avnet Phoenix, Arizona

  • Developed an inter-divisional solution for Motorola SSTG and Honeywell ATD using the strengths of Hamilton and Time Electronics under one line card.
  • Set up line replenishment programs on the production floor for Honeywell ATD servicing seventeen different cell sites with 8,500 line items.
  • Performed customer quarterly reviews to ensure Quality, On Time Delivery, and Service objectives were being met for both internal and external customers.
  • Developed the transition plan for the Motorola SSTG military VME Kit (detailed list of electrical components to completely build the finished product as well as support spares) 

Director of Supply Chain (Value Added) Marketing (Avnet) Phoenix, Arizona

  • Responsible for all commercial and military quotations for both Kitting and Turnkey services.
  • Developed a marketing and training plan for the division of Time Electronics.
  • Responsible for tours and presentations of the Avnet semiconductor and value-added resource center.
  • Worked closely between the division and Combined Services throughout thevalue-added contract to ensure all activities and planning are met to satisfy the customer.
  • Traveled with the sales division to strategic customers to help design value-added solution.

Sales Manager, Hamilton Avnet San Jose California

  • Created a sales territory of over 4 million in sales.
  • Was awarded a Novell turnkey contract for over 3 million dollars.
  • Worked with other team members to grow sales in value-added programs.
  • Developed focus plans and coverage for key Military Accounts in San Jose and Colorado.


SaaS Integration

Review and map the best tool for the environment, configure and train to bring online resources to enhance business operations from design engineering to production as well as business development to customer experience.

Process & Procedure Management
I have been involved with several programs and projects designed to improve quality, customer service, profitability and sales. I have experience with all aspects from mapping, managing, documenting and developing process improvements and procedures.
Project Management

I have used and implemented several Project Management programs to enhance customer service and manage projects. I have experience with a combination of online programs such as ZoHo Projects (and CRM) to Basecamp as well as Project Management tools such as Open Office and Microsoft Project.

I utilize a blend of waterfall and agile methodologies. This provides a quicker project turnaround as well as a more engaged project team.

Adobe Photoshop CS2
I have been using Photoshop CS2 for years for developing graphics for websites. I enjoy using this product and can easily create graphics that fit the application or need.
Very comfortable with using Wordpress applications including customizing the graphical look and feel. I have designed well over 20 sites including multisite configurations.
Microsoft Office

Very proficient in Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Publisher, Project and Front Page 

Core Competencies

Project Management                

  • Implementation of project plans and administer to success.
  • Define, review and implement project management tools.
  • Design and implement Work Order systems.
  • Create success metrics to define project status.
  • Build strong  relationships with internal and external teams as well as stakeholders. 

Business Development

  • Map current market segments and develop plans to ensure complete coverage (note business intelligence below).
  • Research and discover potential new markets to fit service and or products offered.
  • Develop a cross-media plan to enter the new market segments.
  • Set achievable goals and metrics for successful entry to new markets.

Business Intelligence               

  • Define business core competency.
  • Define success and failure modes.
  • Map out operational Process Improvements. 
  • Define current and best market segment.
  • Define Product focus.
  • Define product and service roadmap.
  • Define product SKU's.
  • Implement CRM tools.
  • Implement Project. Management tools.

Supply Chain Management    

  • Manage all aspects of material management and planning.
  • Develop bonded inventory programs for finished and unfinished goods.
  • Manage suppliers to ensure service objectives are met.
  • Manage product obsolescence and sourcing.
  • Worked with vendors to map out manufacturability  for quality, cost and component source.
  • Strong knowledge of outsourcing management for all aspects of a product build cycle.

Process Management             

  • Process Mapping
  • Process Flow
  • Process Improvement
  • Process Documentation
  • Knowledge base development
  • Training

Sales Management 

  • Develop and create sales territories.
  • Develop sales budgets (company, branch & individual)
  • Hire and manage staff.
  • Create MBO plans and manage to success.
  • Train and set goals to achieve budgets.
  • Coach and mentor staff members to assist in achieving goals.

Website Management, Saas integration & Development                             

  • Site Planning.
  • Design/Development.
  • Email marketing.
  • Word Press.
  • CRM Apps
  • PHP
  • SaaS Tool integration;
    ZoHo Project
  • Webmaster and update management.


I have a proficient blend of project management and program management within a wide range of industries from IT infrastructure to semiconductor and manufacturing. This experience has helped me develop a strong cross-cultural and synergistic approach to problem solving, process development, project management, and vendor management. I have experience in project management, process implementation, application implementation, managing staff and P&L.

 My passion for solving problems and enhancing operational growth has resulted in many successful ventures. I believe that by embracing continuous process improvement while providing full transparency across all platforms (both internal and external) it will result in positive growth, from employee satisfaction to net profit.

My goal is to utilize skills developed throughout my career in project management, process improvement, customer service and business development to help a company achieve operational excellence.