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Work experience

Jan 2000Mar 2008

Interior Designer/Event Coordinator

Exquisite Designs
  • acquiring key information about potential projects, discussing requirements in more detail with clients, and setting project schedules;
  • understanding individual clients' needs, generating aesthetic ideas based on these, and establishing final briefs;
  • negotiating project fees;
  • conducting feasibility studies for projects;
  • influencing clients' decisions; 
  • researching, recording and analysing information;
  • considering materials and costs according to set budgets;
  • preparing detailed working drawings and designs, plans, models and schemes, often using computer-aided design
  • providing samples for clients;
  • placing contracts; 
  • identifying new business and selling my services;
  • keeping up to date with new developments in the design industry.
Oct 1999Aug 2005

assistant sales manger

Levitz Furniture.
  • direct the actual distribution or movement of product orservice to the customer, coordinate sales distribution byestablishing sales territories,quotas and goals.
  •  analyze sales statistics gather by staff to determine salespotential inventory requirements and monitor the preferenceof customers. 
  • answer customers questions about product,prices,availability,product uses and credit terms arrangeand direct delivery and instillation of product andequipment 
  • contact regular and prospective customers todemonstrate product,explain product features and go licitorders  estimate or quote prices,credit or contract terms,warranties and delivery dates 
  • forward orders to manufactures 
  • identify prospective customers by using business directories 
  • following leads from existing clients
  • attend trade shows and conferences
  • monitor market conditions product innovation and competitors product priceand sales 
  • negotiate details of contract and payments and prepare contracts and order forms 
  • prepare drawing,estimates and bids that meet specific customer
  • provides customers with product samples and catalogs
  • recommend products to customers based on costumers needsand interests 
  • order product from manufacture check stock level and reorder merchandise as necessary 
  • consult with clients, offer sales or contract singing in order toresolve problems and to provide ongoing sales
  • perform administrative duties, such as preparing sales budges andreports keeping sales records and filling expanse accountreports  plain assemble and stock production displays inretail stores 
  •  monitor customers preferences to determinefocus of sale efforts  resolve customers complaintsregarding sales and services needs 
Mar 2004Jul 2005

Event Coordinator

Continental Caters
  • Directs the work of contract personnel including ushers,security guards, caterers, decorators, and functionallysupervises all event support staff including setup crews;
  • Explains policies and procedures for use of the hallAdvises clients on setup options and types of materialsneeded to achieve desired results; 
  •  Calculates and provides clients all estimates of potential costs incurred incompleting an event;
  •  Resolves problems or complaints fromclient in accordance with established policies andprocedures; 
  •  Inputs, retrieves, and updates event setupinformation and produces event reports through acomputerized event management system; 
  •  Finalizes lessee requirements including table arrangements and number andnature of support personnel needed, such as ushers, securityguards, caterers, and decorators; 
  • Ensures that setup of chairs, tables, stages, decorations or other equipment is inaccordance with lease requirements and with safety standardsand fire and health codes; 
  • Makes or arranges for last minute adjustments in room or equipment setup at the requestof lessee;
  • Opens and secures facilities before and afterevents; 
  • Takes beginning and ending inventory of concessionitems, such as souvenir programs, records, and posters andcollects appropriate fees; 
  •  Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times,streamline work processes, and work cooperatively andjointly to provide quality customer service





Interior designing
Creativity and artistic flair   Great problem-solving and lateral thinking   Able to work independently   Great communication and organization skills   Furnishing and fabric selection   Color and texture theory   Fixture design


I am a talented interior designer with proven success creating beautiful, high-impact designs for residental, commerical, and retail spaces. Seeking to leverage strong skill set and hands-on experince in interior design, lighting, color, texture, floor-plans/store layout, and product souring/selection/mix to achieve career shift enabling full-time focus on these demonstrated strengths.


 Although I have extentive experience in the interior designing industry I love to learn, and im always up to a challenge. I am seeking a position where I can develop and excel at a high tech company. 


  • Design entire office for maximum effeciency
  • Re-design residental homes
  • Design show-room display
  • Consult with clients and created memorable custom designs for homes and special event