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Aug 2011Dec 2011


101 perros


Jan 2011Present

Universidad Nacional de Colombia


 I'm a studient of business administration, I'm a person who likes the business, I'm active person that always is looking for the way how I can make true my dreams like a businesswoman, I am very analytical because I like know the positive and negative about the situations of the life. I also like manage groups of works and coordinating the proyects that we have in anytime.


I have much profesional expectations, my biggest goal in my life is become in the best businesswoman, The lenguages are something fundamental for that and for me, I like very much the english but I think that one lenguage is not suficient in this life that is evolving rapidly, so I am starting  to study portugues because I want to make my specializations there because Brazil like potence South America offers excellent opportunities for careers in marketing and business.

finaly, I hope create a big enterprise that contribute with this society and help to the other people.