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Work experience

Dec 2007Present

Account / Project Manager / Developer

Organic Development
  • Web site development
  • Project and Account Management
  • Using all of aforementioned IT industry skills
  • Generating and following up new sales leads – from both new and established contacts

I joined organic development in December, as after some time working for myself, I found that it was necessary to be part of a team in order to make clear progress within this industry.

As a person who constantly strives for more, the performance related pay aspect of this role was certainly the deciding factor between this and the other web development roles available to me at the time.

During my time with Organic Development, I have gradually taken on greater responsibility for the delivery of projects, management of contractors and other temporary personnel associated with development, and pricing of work brought in by the sales team. With the company being fairly small, I would say that I am key to the operation of the business, as I am involved in nearly every facet of the company, including decisions as to the company’s commercial direction.

May 2006Dec 2007

MD / Freelance Developer

Greenwood Media
  • Web site development, digital marketing and consultation
  • Building content management and Ecommerce systems
  • Maintenance of sites for existing clients
  • Hosting
  • Networking / looking for new business
  • Cold called to establish business links and introduce myself.

I have most recently been responsible for pitching, designing, building and launching a new site for “Graig Farm Organics”. This included the integration into their back-office systems, sourcing freelancers where necessary, improving their online marketing and developing a simplified affiliate scheme to improve the quantity of orders through the site.

This has been my most challenging project to date, with a delivery timeframe of just over 2 months, demonstrating my ability to meet very tight deadlines. The client has expressed that it has been a great success, with it being a significant improvement on the previous site in every way, with the financial return the client hoped for.

Whilst working as a web developer, I have built a good rapport with the clients and companies with whom I have worked, and particularly, a small web-design firm on the outskirts of Exeter.

Last year, I approached them with the proposal of selling their products and services, with the aim of moving into the sales / project management side of the web business.

I phoned, emailed and talked to not only potential clients, but developed links with affiliate companies or ‘technology partners’ with whom we could work – all with a positive response.

Earlier in 2007, I was also responsible for the planning and project management of “Style Origin” – a site through which artists, crafts-people and ‘makers’ could sell their goods directly to the customer. This is essentially something very similar to eBay, but focusing on a niche sector and without the plethora of junk listings. The latter made possible, by using an approval process to filter the wheat from the chaff.

May 2005May 2006

Senior Web Developer

RPM Solutions UK Ltd
  • Developing and supporting one of their largest web projects.
  • Liaising with and sometimes visiting the client for week periods to consult on and support the development of the project.
  • Bringing in new business and technology partners.

Whilst working for RPM Solutions, I was responsible for the build and ‘management’ of the recruitment website “Vacancy Central”.

This was one of RPM’s largest contracts, for which I was largely responsible.

Since its initial launch (Aug 05), and to the point at which I left, the site had amassed over 100,000 candidates, and just over 2000 recruitment companies.

Built from scratch, it was a constant process of development, discussion, debate and perfection, to bring it to the position of being a contender with the very well known and used job boards on the internet.

Throughout the development, it was necessary to bridge the technical and non-technical divide.

Decisions would have a technical consequence, and I was charged with giving the client the best solution to site changes, whilst retaining a hold on development, and therefore the delivery time of the project.

After working at RPM for some 6-7 months, having expressed interest in starting to develop new business for them, they agreed and I organised meetings with and closed sales to new clients.

Up to the point of leaving RPM, I successfully;

  • Received calls from prospective clients – to talk about their businesses and what they wanted and needed from their web presence.
  • Organised and held sales meetings with prospective clients.
  • Introduced fellow web design agencies as ‘technology partners’ – from whom we received several web projects.
Feb 2005May 2005

Desktop Support Engineer

Compusys PLC
  • Installing various hardware and software solutions into DCC offices
  • Providing client facing support for hardware and software issues
Oct 2004Feb 2005

MD / Art Merchant

Art Devon
  • Art Merchant
  • Selling a diversity of quality Devon art from inspirational Artists, Sculptors, Contemporary Furniture and Object Designers.

I started Art Devon whilst working as a freelance web developer, as I could see there was a gap in the UK  art market for art within Devon.

Too often, up to that point, had people simply passed through Devon, to reach Cornwall; which was understood to be the 'hub' for artists and the place to buy unique art.

Jun 2004Aug 2004

Web Developer (contract)

Exeter City Council
  • Web Developer / Master for IT Dept.
  • Consultation on new CMS purchase.
  • Taking Data from content providers and modifying public site.
  • Ensuring consistency and quality of information on public site.
  • Developing and maintaining existing intranet.
  • Using existing CMS for public site.
Oct 2003Dec 2003

Web Developer (contract)

Devon County Council
  • Web Developer / Publisher for the Environment Directorate.
  • Helping Develop and customise new CMS.
  • Taking Data from existing site and uploading to new CMS server.
  • Ensuring consistency of information between servers and improving layout of content on new content management system.
  • Uploading data and developing existing site.
Oct 2002Aug 2003

Web Developer (contract)

NHS Information Authority
  • Web Developer / Editor (ASP, SQL-server, MS access | Dreamweaver, fireworks)
  • Uploading data and site development
  • Sole responsibility of sub-sites of the NHSIA Portal site.
  • Direct contact with site content providers. Working together to achieve the most feasible solution for content within the sub-sites.

When working as a web developer for the "NHSIA" I was responsible for some 5 sub-sites – sometimes more. These sub sites were related to various IT products that generally provided information tracking of such things as pathology and mental health records.

Other sites that I maintained are restricted access. A mirror of each sub-site, resided on the NHSnet server, one of the largest wide area networks in the country, serving all Health Authority related outlets in the country. In most cases these mirrors had differing content; part of my remit was to ensure uniformity and accuracy across servers.


Javascript, dHTML, AJAX
  When developing web applications, I have used JavaScript fairly consistently for some 5 years now. Since the advent of the “Web 2.0” movement, I’ve also fairly consistently used AJAX to enrich my web applications.   I was actually using AJAX before it became the buzz-word it is today, when working for RPM Solutions on the “Vacancy Central” recruiment site.   Any 'Web 2.0' development I do these days uses some sort of AJAX framework, such as prototype or mootools, as they are well documented and often speed development.   Whilst working with JavaScript, I’ve had very minor exposure to flash action script. I haven’t made any scripts with this language, but understand the principle behind the extended document object model.
There aren't many types of web application that I am yet to explore. Since using PHP, I've built all sorts of marketing / social networking tools, E-commerce sites, and custom content management sites and applications. Some of my more successful applications lean heavily toward online marketing, which is a skill I am ever developing - which many online marketers need to - to keep up with online trends and search engine optimisation.


Kingsbridge Community College

English Language, English Literature, Mathematics,

Geography, French, German, Graphic Design and Double Science. :  All 'A - C' Grades

Kingsbridge Community College

Design Technology  :  C

Media Studies        :  D

Web Projects


  • Enjoy a challenge.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
  • Exude a dynamic attitude, either helping to motivate people to implement an idea or to get the best from a given situation.
  • Adaptable to problems, having the desire to get things done.
  • A dedicated work ethic.
  • Business / Entrepreneurial experience
  • A sense of humour!

I am a clear communicator, have a smart appearance, take new opportunities by the horns and have a strong desire to succeed.

I have been in the IT industry for some years now, and whilst I have become very proficient with the leading internet technologies, I haven’t neglected core skills, such as communication, and have actively progressed my project coordination / management capabilities.

I consider that my career path to date evidences my ability to diversify within this industry and swiftly and capably enter into new facets.


  • Snowboarding
  • Guitar
  • Swimming
  • Dirtsurfing / mountain boarding
  • Power kiting
  • Windsurfing
  • Dinghy Sailed for 6 - 7 years - sailed at national competition level.
  • Socialising.
  • Current affairs