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Elana Spiegel has always been talented in the kitchen. While spending time studying in Austria, Elana Spiegel has combined her love for cooking with her desire to help the community. Elana Spiegel brings home cooked meals to a local homeless shelter on a regular basis. She has quite a following at the homeless shelter and often takes requests for different meal ideas. She names her dishes “Pasta a la Hans” after different people in the shelter, in hopes of brightening their day. Elana’s enthusiasm for the shelter has been contagious, as she has recruited many of her classmates to volunteer their time or their cooking as well. Elana Spiegel earned her Bachelors of Science and is working on her Masters degree. Elana Spiegel also is a dance enthusiast with a passion for ballet.

Work experience


Research Analyst

Mark Asset Management



Vanderbilt University